Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November Goals

Well, I didn't make any October goals and it showed. I accomplished as little as possible last month and I really don't want a repeat of that. I must face it, I work better with my little to-do lists. So, back I go. Here's the plan for November:
  1. Swim 2 times per week for 40 minutes
  2. Run 2 times per week if the leg stops giving me grief
  3. Cardio twice a week-whatever I want
  4. Get photos on discs and printed (so behind here)
  5. Walks with Wilson at least 3 times a week

I also want to start getting things ready for Christmas. I always leave shopping till the last minute so I'd like to take care of some of the easier things early on...we'll see if I actually do it :) It's been tough getting the motivation to do anything lately since work has been so stressful. They have done some shifting of responsibilities again and more work is being piled on my desk. I guess if you're somewhat competent, it backfires with added stress. Yeah me! At least it's job security.

So, that's the plan for this month. So far exercise has been okay. I ran Sunday evening, hula hooped on Monday and went power walking w/a coworker tonight. Tomorrow I am planning a gym outing after work for some cardio.

Alright, time to get some stuff done before bedtime. Nighty night.


Ashley said...

Aren't lists just so helpful? I'd die without them.

And I feel ya' on the Christmas thing! I've already gotten two of my people to get gifts for taken care of! wOOt!

Cammy said...

Good for you for getting yourself back on track! Your list looks great and entirely achievable.

Thankssomuch for reminding me about Christmas approaching....

Kelly Olexa said...

You can do it girl! Join us on our kick butt goal group!! We are going to kick MAJOR BUTT ON OUR GOALS!!

Erin said...

That's a pretty good list. Shopping for Christmas always sneaks up on me too.

Jess said...

I too want to get started on the x-mas shopping!

RunningNan said...

I really don't have any christmas shopping to do. I do have a ton of baby showers coming up though that I need to get moving on!

I really need to get me a hula hoop!

Sagan said...

Good plans! Lists are the best. Probably a good idea to get started on Christmas stuff now... its good to be stress-free for the holidays:)

sunshine said...

I always get so motivated when I map out my training plan! This looks great and you're going to rock it!

Heather said...

great plan for Nov. I know you will do well! I hear you about xmas, its not so far off as we would all like to think it is.

Lesley said...

There's a lot of it going round....must be the time of year.

Well done for getting back on track and I hope I can join you!

Lesley x

JavaChick said...

Good for you! Your goals look reasonable and I'm sure it will help.