Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Hiatus Continues

Okay, I've become a Slacker McLazypants with regards to blogging this month. Heck, the month is half over already as of tomorrow-holy crap! There's just been a lot of stuff going on so far this month but the next week should be quieter-thank goodness.

So what have I been up to? Well, I turned 31 this month. Wow, how the hell did that sneak up on me? Then, there was lots of bowling, work holiday party, Christmas party with friends, Jeff Dunham show and, of course, watching all my Christmas movies. I've been busy kiddies!

Due to all this, I have also slacked a bit in the exercise department but yesterday and today I did get in a couple 4 mile walks and some hula hooping. I'm going to take Wilson for a walk this evening so we can check out the neighborhood decorations. So pretty!

I still have lots of Christmas shopping to get done and Brian and I are trying to figure out our rendezvous plans for the holiday weekend since I won't be making it home for Christmas again this year. Oh well...I'll just bug the family some other time I guess!

Anyway...time to skedaddle and get the laundry done and some last minute household chores. I like to start my work week off with a tidy house, happy dog and clean laundry. Best get to work!


MN Mom said...

I too have been on the holiday movie kick! It seems there is no end to how many cheezie holiday movies I can sit through.

Sagan said...

Happy Birthday!!

Sounds like things have been going well for you. I love that you do hula hooping. That is an ART.

Am on the holiday movie bandwagon too. Also lots of chickflicks. It's been lots of tear-inducing movie watching:)

JavaChick said...

Happy birthday! They do sneak up on one, do they not?

Lately I feel like I can't keep up with anything, and I have been missing a few workouts as well. Must be a December thing!

Shannon said...

Being lazy is good sometimes - I say embrace the lazy!

RooBabs said...

Happy 31!! That was me last month. It felt kind of odd, like when I turned 22- sort of tame the year after a big birthday. But I'm determined to make it a good year, and maybe even get pregnant. Who knows?

Don't work too hard on the laundry and chores! = )