Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Monday Already?

Really? Damn, that was a fast-moving weekend. Nothing to exciting to say this morning. My weekend was pretty non eventful. Saturday was a major cleaning day-carpets, floors, kitchen, laundry, bedroom, bathrooms-all done! It's so nice when everything smells clean and fresh again. It was nice weather too, so we opened the windows and let the air go through the house and get the stuffiness out. Sunday was a pure lazy day for me. I got my book out at about 9am and stuck to it for most of the day. That book's done! Now I'm back to plugging away on Pillars of the Earth. I've been trying to read this freaking book on and off for most of the year and I'm determined to finish it before the year is out. The only other things I accomplished yesterday was make dinner and take Wilson out..and hula hoop, of course.

Now, I'm back to work through Wednesday and then I get a nice long weekend for Christmas. The goal for tonight-get some more Christmas shopping done. Yep, procrastination lives on.


Erin said...

Your weekend sounded like mine. The only problem with a good cleaning on Saturday is that by Monday, the house seems messy again.

Enjoy your short week!

Sagan said...

That's the way the holidays should be:) Everything seems so much more relaxing and stress-free when the house is clean.

Lesley said...

I loved Pillars of the Earth. I read the follow-up on holiday and loved that even more. Am wondering how long I have to wait before I can re-read them!!

Glad you had a good weekend - have a great Christmas!

Lesley x

Jess said...

You just have to settle in and plow through Pillars. That book is one thick sum bitch!

JavaChick said...

I really enjoyed Pillars of the Earth, great book!

Happy Holidays!

N.D. said...

Hope you enjoyed the holiday! The lazy Sunday with the book sounded great, and the fresh air!!!