Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yay for Thursday!

Why you ask? Well...

  • it's one day closer to Friday, and
  • annoying coworker (T) is going on vacation at noon tomorrow, which means
  • i will have a peaceful work day for at least half the day, and
  • i will just drink lots of caffeine and crank up my ipod to drown her out for the first half of the day; and
  • The Office is on tonight; and
  • i just finished a scrumptious glass of eggnog-did i mention it was scrum-diddly-umptious?- and
  • the Christmas tree is lit,
  • the candles are burning gingerbread cookie scents; and
  • Tomorrow is Friday!

Rambling Rocks!


RooBabs said...

I'm totally stoked for Friday, too. Then it's serious countdown
'til Christmas time. Whoah, I can't believe it's a week from today!!

Good luck drowning out the annoying co-worker.

carla said...

Im all in for the friday love.

for sad reasons (I have the ability to hand the toddler over to the husband for a bit and WORK childfree)but excited none the less...

Sagan said...

That is some good good happy stuff. We are getting our Christmas tree tomorrow, hurray! (I know. Very late picking one up).

The Office (show. Not so much workplace) provides so much laughter and relaxation.

JavaChick said...

Sooooo happy for Friday. This has been one long week.

Jess said...

Well by now, it's already Friday, you guys are an hour ahead of me, and you're done for the week! So, woo-hoo!

Shannon said...

Was The Office new? I didn't tape for us. I don't want to have missed 2 shows in one week!