Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gym Laziness

I was pretty good last year about getting myself to the gym. Even if I didn't go there right after work, I would always (maybe not always but it sounds better) grab my gym bag and head out no later than 8pm. I always pushed myself while I was there, whether it was cardio, weights or swimming, and I felt like a champ when I got home. Which is probably why I was such a good gym student and continued to go on a regular basis. Then, the holidays came and after that I was sick for over a week, so now it's the end of January and I don't think I've stepped into the gym for 2 months. I did drive by it once...on my way to McDonalds.

My intention this morning was to get up bright and early, grab my gym bag and start the weekend off with a bang. Instead, I came up with every excuse I could to avoid the place and now it's 3pm and I still have not gone and I can almost promise you I won't be going at all today. What a gym bum!

I guess I need to re-motivate myself to get my lazy butt back there again. Maybe try a class or remind myself how much I love to swim and my little, non-heated backyard pool is not going to cut it. Or the best up my bank statement and see what I'm paying for the place every month. That should do it.

So, in my most confident diet/exercise voice possible I shout to the world:



Shannon said...

I feel ya. This is what happened to me a year or so ago and shortly thereafter my gym membership was cancelled. Let's hope you have more motivation than me!

MN Mom said...

Tomorrow is the most used word in my vocabulary. Followed by, Oh well.

Sagan said...


If you go once, the rest will fall in line much easier. It's getting back into it the first time that's the most difficult part.

Erin said...

That's ok. I was getting into a good routine and the last week threw me for a loop. I plan on doing some exercise tomorrow. It's tough and would be easier if a few of us made each other go. It has to be a minimum of three people cause two can talk each other out of it (trust me, I know).

Sharon said...

Awh, hang in there. Hope all goes well!

Jess said...

Sometimes the reminder of what it costs you is enough motivation to get there and use it.