Friday, February 27, 2009

Work Plea

Please let me have a peaceful work day. I know I was out for a few days but the storm should have passed by now. I have calmed everyone down and let them know I won't abandon them again for awhile. I can see a small corner of my desk-man I need to dust-and have already fought with a few attorneys over some files. So, let's have a nice Friday work day with no screaming phone calls, annoying coworkers or last minute deadlines. Okay? Thanks.

A girl can dream, right?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back in Action

Sort of. But me so tired this week.

First of all, let me just say the cruise was awesome! It was our first cruise so we weren't sure what to expect but I can say that I will be going on another one again one of these days. I think it was especially nice going with a bunch of friends. Even though we had our alone time now and then, we were able to relax and have fun with a lot of our friends throughout the day and definitely partied it up in the evenings!

We left from Miami and our first stop was Key West, where our friends got married. The wedding was beautiful, the weather was great and it was so nice to spend those special moments with some of my closest buddies. Then it was off to Duval Street to Hogs Breath Saloon for some frosty beverages before heading back to the boat.

The cruise accommodations were pretty nice. There was so much to do on the boat, even a jogging track and miniature golf area. We saw a comedian one night and danced it up in a couple of cute little clubs they had on board.

The next stop was Cozumel where Brian and I went on an excursion on mini jeeps out along the beach front, past some Mayan ruins, crocodile lagoon and this pretty lighthouse before stopping at the beach for some snorkeling along one of the coral reefs. It was his first time snorkeling and we both had a blast but the time sure went by fast. After some good Mexican food and a little bit of shopping, we were back on the boat and ready to par-tay!

Sunday was a day at sea and very relaxing. Some eating, drinking and catching rays at the Lido pool, our last dinner with the group and then party time again in the evening. We were back home by 10am on Monday morning and so ready for a nap! Needless to say, our team did not have a stellar performance at bowling. I believe we only got 2 points out of 22. Oh well, we were tired!

Now, it's back to the regular business of work, exercise and Wilson. After two days of work, I still can't find my desk. Maybe I can clean out a corner of it by Friday....or at least by next Friday. I was good and got out for a 3 mile run last night. It felt really good to start moving again and today I did the hula hoop and I still have to take the little guy for a walk. So....that's where I'm headed.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ready to Cruise!

It's been a hectic couple of weeks, both at work and at home, but now it's time for some fun and relaxation. It's cruise time! We are setting sail today for a nice 4 day cruise to Key West and Cozumel. I call it the wedding cruise since our friends are getting married in Key West when we dock there. Should be a great time with friends, sun and lots of booze, I'm sure.

Now, I've got to tie up all loose ends and make sure everything is packed, dog is ready for his weekend getaway with the neighbors, and anything else I can stress myself out with before we leave. Only a few hours to go!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm ready for bed

Geez, I am tired tonight and it's only a little after nine-thirty. In my defense, though, it has been a long day. I was up at 5am this morning and ran a couple of miles-didn't have the Garmin with me but when you run the same area over and over, you tend to know what your mileage is.

Work was uneventful except that I had such a bad headache that I called it quits at noon and went home for some tylenol and a nap. Usually, I can push through these headaches but today was not one of them. You know, the type of headache where having your eyes open is painful. So, I went home and took a little nap but got up around 2 cuz I was feeling guilty for being home and doing nothing, so I straightened up the house, did about 3 loads of laundry, went through some bills, made a doctor and dentist appointment and played with Wilson.

This evening I ran out to get some new books (yeah!) and then Wilson and I went for a walk, which should have been fairly uneventful but the pit bull barrelling down on us kept things exciting. Evidently, the dog raced out of the house when the door was open and headed straight for us. I heard the owner but didn't see the dog coming till she was almost right on top of us, then I dragged Wilson behind me and we just stood our ground till the owner came begging for forgiveness. Poor Wilson has more dogs come running after him than I can count. Must be his "precious moments" eyes.

So, that's my day in a nutshell. I'm ready for a nice bubble bath and some good reading. Nighty-night.

P.S. I sucked ass at bowling last night. I got a freaking 93 in my first game. I'm surprised the league didn't ask me to take my stuff and leave quietly after that one. At least it can only get better...right?

Friday, February 6, 2009


This week is one of those weeks you can't wait to be over. Most days, I don't mind trudging to work and dealing with the day-to-day crap there. But this week is an exception. My workload annoys me, most of my coworkers annoy me and even when I get there, all I want to do is find an excuse to leave. Already this morning, I have been coming up with excuses to call in but since it's Friday, I will fight the urge, suck it up and go to work. I hope my yummy cappuccino, iPod and ridiculous workload can sustain me through the day. If not, I may have to create some drama at work-like blowing up something in the microwave and leaving without cleaning it.

Happy Friday everyone

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Damn Doritos

I have eaten an entire bag of Doritos in the past two days.

I'm not even going to bring up the Girl Scout cookies.

Do you think my 75 minutes of hula hooping covered all those calories? Me neither.

I'm going to go put myself in time-out now.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Football Day

So, why is it that I can barely force myself to get up at 6am during the work week, but come Sunday, I am up at the ass-crack of 5:45 am wide-awake and ready for the day? I want to sleep in dammit! I think my body woke up so early cuz it is sore. I've gotten the exercise bug and have been working out for the past few days. Thursday I ran, Friday was swimming, yesterday was a long walk and 2 runs and today is still up in the air but I would like to squeeze something in since I know I will be doing some serious eating and drinking this evening during the big game.

Brian and I did some shopping yesterday and after trying on clothes, I can only say that I can't wait until I get back to my old size again. Right now, it is such a pain to find things I like that fit well. I remember this whole shopping thing being so much easier and more fun when I was a much smaller size. I'm hoping the frustration I feel can be put to good use to swim harder, run faster and make healthier food choices. Starting tomorrow, of course.

Today I am going to do some house cleaning and laundry and then it's off to a friend's house for some good food, beer and football action. Happy Superbowl Sunday everyone!