Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gots my stuff done

The weekend chores are completo! Hurray! I love when the floors are swept, mopped and vacuumed, the laundry is done and the dishes are washed. What a lovely feeling of accomplishment! Now all I need to do is give Wilson his bath and we are set. Although, I have enjoyed a few brewskies this evening so not sure bath time will take place. I can be optimistic, though, right?

I feel like running. I ran like a banshee last night, even did some sprints. Damn I am a fast cookie! Too bad I can't sprint for the entire 3 miles or I would be so cool! My legs are super tired today from all that work yesterday but the beer makes me want to run...go figure?

Other than that, it was a pretty relaxing weekend. I got a lot of reading done on Saturday and a little this morning. Brian and I went out for breakfast and then did some errands and then I kicked butt with my chores and made dinner. Now I'm ready for some good ole' Law and Order-Criminal Intent.

Must run, Wilson needs walk and bath. Crystal needs beer and tv justice.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Taking it Easy

Some days I swear I feel like I'm just running around from morning till night with work, errands, household chores and even exercise. So, it being hump day, I decided to take the night off and just chill. The only work I put forth this evening was making dinner and cleaning up afterwards but other than that, I'm going to do some reading with a Bud Light or two and watch Criminal Minds in a half hour. I even had Brian go and fill my car up with gas (what a swell guy).

On another note, last night I went for a nice run and had planned to only do three miles but I had downloaded some new songs so was really into the music and pushed myself to four miles. Yeah! Sometimes, to go that extra mile, all a girl needs is a couple of new songs. Maybe when I get a new pair of shoes, I can go five miles! A girl can dream, right? One funny thing during my run was the snail watching. On one stretch of my run, when I actually get a sidewalk, I have to watch out for all the snail crossings. However, last night, those buggers were not just crossing. There was some serious hanky panky going on down there. Ever seen two snails trying to get it on? Very ummm...interesting. At least they're lubed up already!

Peace out

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bowling Checklist

Alright, we are getting down to the wire here. Time to catch up in points and make some more money! So, let's go through the checklist:

Bowling shirt - check
Lucky horseshoe socks - check
Lucky underwear - check
Beer money - check
Bowling balls - check
Credit card in case I run out of beer money - check
Sober driver for when I drink too much beer - check
Extra quarters from my change bottle in case the credit card is declined for beer purchases - check

Looks like I'm ready to go!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beautiful Weekend

It's weekends like this that make me happy I live in Florida. The weather was absolutely wonderful. Nice breeze, nearly clear skies and highs in the low 80s. Love it! I've been spending as much of it outdoors as I can. Yesterday, we celebrated a friend's birthday at this great park with games, food and good friends and I got my arm workout in playing Superman with Miller. Lifting and flying him around in the air is the best workout these arms have seen in months!

Today has been a more relaxing day. I got the house cleaning done and have been enjoying my day lying by and in the pool with a book. Brian is marinating steaks and shrimp and we are going to have a great dinner tonight. Think I'll head back to the pool for another hour and soak up some more rays and see if I can finish this book. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

  1. Have you ever tried hula hooping in the opposite direction? Not for the faint of heart..or um waistline? I happen to be a counter-clockwise hooper so I thought I'd try it the other way. Talk about mind over body experience-I had to actually think about the movements to keep that damn thing up! I think I'll just stick to my regular swing of things.
  2. Got some new books today: Donnie Brasco-Joseph D. Pistone with Richard Woodley, The Incredible Shrinking Critic-Jami Bernard, The Tell-Tale Heart and Other Writings-Edgar Allen Poe and Brideshead Revisited-Evelyn Waugh. Can't wait to get started on Donnie Brasco.
  3. Bowling stats: I got over 100 points for each game but nothing stellar at all. I think I had a 141, 130-ish, and 122. I blame society for my mediocre performance (can't blame the Bud Light).
  4. 99 days and counting till Brian and I are homeward bound! Yay! Huh, suppose I should get off my fat ass and get to work then.
  5. Can I claim that I am doing the Couch to 5K program if I only do the couch part? No one has to know, right?
  6. Flip flops are one of the most amazing things invented and I should totally get to wear them to work.
  7. P.S. I rock.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Yes! I made it! What a crazy work week it was. I'm glad it's over. It's funny, I didn't mind all the extra work that was involved, but just couldn't stand all the extra B.S. that went along with it. If it was just the workload, I think I would keep it since my days flew by so fast.

But enough of that cuz it's Friday and I'm ready to relax and enjoy the weekend! Yeah! I think tonight is going to be a low-key night. I'm going to do some reading, go for a run, have some dinner and probably watch a movie.

Okay, I'm off to the pool deck for an ice cold beverage and my book. Happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mind over Body

And the mind took the prize! Last night I went for a nice little run. I don't know if it was the cool weather or the fact that I hadn't been on a run for a few days, but it felt really good. However, I got to mile two and my body started acting up, a cranky toddler in the backseat wanting to get out of the car. You know, something like this:

Body: Gee, I'm kind of getting a little tired.

Mind: Tough. We are finishing this 3 miler.

Body: I hear what you're saying, but my right shin kind of hurts. Here, wanna feel it?

Mind: What, you think I didn't notice it? Save it for the playground, Nancy.

Body: I don't care for your tone right now.

Mind: Suck it.

Body: Fine! The shin pain isn't enough for you, I can see. Here, how's a little hip pain feel? Like that, do ya!

Mind: Oohh, bring it! That's all you got! Cuz we are so pushing through this and finishing so SUCK. IT. UP.


Mind: This is for your own good! P.S. I HATE YOU TOO!

Body: Yes, we are on the sidewalk again. Take some back pain bitch!

Mind: I love back pain. LOVE IT!!!

Body: Why don't you love me?

At this time, I looked down at my Garmin and I was at 3.12 miles. Time to stop. Yay!

Mind: You made it! You are awesome!

Body: No, you are awesome. I couldn't have done it without you.

Mind: Let's never fight again.

Body: Agreed

And they all lived happily ever after....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday's Tidbits

  1. They are trying to kill me at work. I have left there the last 3 days physically and mentally drained. But I'm on to their game. I shall not be defeated! In another week, my coworker will be back and she can take back her pesky work. I will overcome.
  2. I borrowed Twilight from a friend. Had a bit of a slow beginning for me but the pace is quickly picking up. I think I'll sneak in a couple more chapters while I hula tonight.
  3. I love tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. Especially on cool evenings like today. So scrumptious!
  4. Going for a 3 mile run tonight. Can't pass up this awesome weather since it won't last for long before we inch back up into the 90's.
  5. Sunburns are cool right? I forgot to put on sunscreen for the first 4 hours I laid by/in the pool so I'm a nice vibrant shade of ouch. Sexy!
  6. Last but not least, I did not completely suck in bowling last night...just a slow start. Scores were 93, 171 and 161. I'd like to thank the makers for Bud Light for my last two games and work for my first. Our team did a pretty good job. First place here we come!

Randomness rules again

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Goals Revisited

Since we are already done with the first quarter of the year (holy crap, when did that happen? was i asleep?) I figured it was time to check in with my goals made back in January.

1. Spend more time with family. I've increased my phone calls to the home planet and have planned a summer trip up there in July with Brian for some family time for both of us. There will be some time in Chicago (his family), then off to the Twin Cities for a wedding and mini family reunion and then "up north" to my parents' place for some fishing and visiting with the grandparents before heading back to Chicago for more family/friend time.

2. Weight. It's going down...slowly...but it's moving along. Slow is better anyway so I'll take it! The important thing is not the number on the scale but feeling better, having more energy, exercising and eating well and, of course, clothing upgrades!

3. Run 3 races this year. Yep, I'm a big fat zero on this one. I do have some in mind, though. That counts for something, right?

4. Stay connected with friends. I'm doing pretty good on this front. There are some weeks where I am feeling anti-social and just want to chill at home but other times I try to meet a buddy for a couple drinks, exercise, etc. Anyone ready for a girls' weekend of whitewater rafting in Montana/Colorado? Shout out to Desi! Could be a great bachelorette party idea!

5. Enjoy life every day. I try to appreciate what I have and what's important but I'll be honest, some days after a crappy day of work, only a cold beer will make me chipper again. Of course, I do appreciate that cold beer and enjoy it immensely so I guess I'm enjoying life! Score!

Overall, I think my goals are coming along nicely. There's always room for improvement, but that's what we should strive for...improvement and the will to better ourselves everyday. Now, I'm off to read a couple chapters in my book before getting ready for a night on the town down by the beach. A nice dinner, wine and waves. Now that's what I call enjoying life.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Runner's High

Last night I finally got out for a run and it felt so good! I put on the headphones, did a 5 minute walk warm-up and then took off. Nothing too fast-paced...I was all about the distance. The first mile and a half went by pretty fast and I think I could have made it all the way to three miles but a started to notice a lot of cop cars flying by. After the sixth one flew by with lights on and sirens wailing, I slowed down to a walk. Then, I noticed the sheriff's helicopter circling overhead right in my area. So, I took that as a sign to cut the run short and head for home. I don't mind a cop car here and there, but when the search lights are out, that's it for me! Brian was on the look-out for me so it's good I did head back anyway. I wonder what happened?

Needless to say, I will be out for another run tonight cuz I just didn't get my fill last night. Here's hoping for a good three-miler!