Saturday, April 4, 2009

Goals Revisited

Since we are already done with the first quarter of the year (holy crap, when did that happen? was i asleep?) I figured it was time to check in with my goals made back in January.

1. Spend more time with family. I've increased my phone calls to the home planet and have planned a summer trip up there in July with Brian for some family time for both of us. There will be some time in Chicago (his family), then off to the Twin Cities for a wedding and mini family reunion and then "up north" to my parents' place for some fishing and visiting with the grandparents before heading back to Chicago for more family/friend time.

2. Weight. It's going down...slowly...but it's moving along. Slow is better anyway so I'll take it! The important thing is not the number on the scale but feeling better, having more energy, exercising and eating well and, of course, clothing upgrades!

3. Run 3 races this year. Yep, I'm a big fat zero on this one. I do have some in mind, though. That counts for something, right?

4. Stay connected with friends. I'm doing pretty good on this front. There are some weeks where I am feeling anti-social and just want to chill at home but other times I try to meet a buddy for a couple drinks, exercise, etc. Anyone ready for a girls' weekend of whitewater rafting in Montana/Colorado? Shout out to Desi! Could be a great bachelorette party idea!

5. Enjoy life every day. I try to appreciate what I have and what's important but I'll be honest, some days after a crappy day of work, only a cold beer will make me chipper again. Of course, I do appreciate that cold beer and enjoy it immensely so I guess I'm enjoying life! Score!

Overall, I think my goals are coming along nicely. There's always room for improvement, but that's what we should strive for...improvement and the will to better ourselves everyday. Now, I'm off to read a couple chapters in my book before getting ready for a night on the town down by the beach. A nice dinner, wine and waves. Now that's what I call enjoying life.


Erin said...

You made goals and are achieving most. That's better than the majority of people. Great job!

Jess said...

It sounds like you're making progress with all of your goals!

Erin said...

This year is going by fast! I agree with you - weight coming off slow is better than not at all!

JavaChick said...

Sounds to me like you have a very positive attitude about life, which is great! Keep working toward those goals. :)

Sagan said...

Beautiful post. Number 2 and 5 really made me smile and nod!