Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Taking it Easy

Some days I swear I feel like I'm just running around from morning till night with work, errands, household chores and even exercise. So, it being hump day, I decided to take the night off and just chill. The only work I put forth this evening was making dinner and cleaning up afterwards but other than that, I'm going to do some reading with a Bud Light or two and watch Criminal Minds in a half hour. I even had Brian go and fill my car up with gas (what a swell guy).

On another note, last night I went for a nice run and had planned to only do three miles but I had downloaded some new songs so was really into the music and pushed myself to four miles. Yeah! Sometimes, to go that extra mile, all a girl needs is a couple of new songs. Maybe when I get a new pair of shoes, I can go five miles! A girl can dream, right? One funny thing during my run was the snail watching. On one stretch of my run, when I actually get a sidewalk, I have to watch out for all the snail crossings. However, last night, those buggers were not just crossing. There was some serious hanky panky going on down there. Ever seen two snails trying to get it on? Very ummm...interesting. At least they're lubed up already!

Peace out


Jess said...

Ah yes, the snails. I have crunched a few of those poor bastards a time or two on my runs.

Nice job on the 4 miler and enjoy your evening off!

Erin said...

The only thought that comes to mind is "ewwww!" for the snail hanky panky.

Can you believe you are running 4 miles now? Remember when the 1-2 mile range was tough? Great progress.

MN Mom said...

I agree Ewwww! I didn't need that picture in my head.

Sagan said...

Great job on pushing yourself the extra mile! Taking an evening off feels good.