Thursday, May 28, 2009

5K Improvements

I signed up for a couple 5Ks over the next couple months so I figure it's time I improve on my 5K skills. Here are some things I'd like to accomplish with this:

1. Finish. Always important.
2. Run the whole thing. I get sidetracked sometimes. Floating leaves, loud twigs underfoot, other people. These tend to slow me down and/or stop me completely.
3. Not be last.
4. Be proud of my time.

Deep down, I know I've got the first 3 covered. I've been running 3 mile stretches for over a year now and I'm pretty confident I can finish the race; now, if I can just speed myself up a bit I'd be a happy little runner to boot. So, since it's actually not raining for a change, I'm going to lace up my shoes and get out there for a good 3 miles. I may even push myself. Maybe I'll wear a yogurt lid on a paper clip necklace to get me ready to medal. Oh yeah, I'm feeling the vibe now...


Erin said...

LOL-the yogurt lid medal/necklace has me laughing. Have fun and good luck!

Jess said...

What races did you register for? Usually, there's not much to choose from this time of year.

Crystal said...

I signed up for 5k Challenge for the Cure on 6-14 and there's a Freedom 5K on 6-27. I almost signed up for the Coast Guard 5K on 8-1 but realized we are out of town that weekend. It is some slim pickings but I'm finding a couple here and there.