Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Excuses for Not Exercising

1. I don't wanna......
2. It's raining outside
3. It's too humid
4. It's too hot
5. I don't wanna......
6. I can't find my, etc.
7. Wilson won't let me
8. It's too early
9. It's too late
10. There's a full moon
11. There's no moon
12. The moon is smiling at me and it scares me
13. I don't wanna......
14. I ate too much
15. I'm too hungry
16. I had too much caffeine
17. The beer just tasted too good today
18. The beer tasted too good last night and now my head/tummy hurts
19. I can't find my favorite running socks
20. My swimsuit is missing
21. I just have to finish this chapter
22. The house needs to be cleaned
23. My favorite shows are on now
24. My Garmin's battery is dead
25. My iPod is dead
26. I'm sick of all my songs
27. I overexerted myself hula hooping
28. I got stuck in the recliner and Wilson won't get off me
29. I had to work late
30. I don't wanna......


Jess said...

I believe I have used all of those.

eurydice said...

stuck in the recliner? hahaha

Crystal said...

Yeah, I will grasp at any excuse.