Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday's Tidbits

  1. Only 70 days until we are Minnesota bound! Yeah! I know this may seem a bit obsessive but I haven't been to my home state in 3 years and I haven't seen my parent's place since May of 2005. I'm ready!
  2. I am going to be an auntie within the next couple of weeks. Getting really excited!
  3. Wilson was a total buttmunch on his walk tonight. Every blade of grass, crack in the sidewalk and stray leaf needed a 5 minute inspection. He's a bit too thorough, I think.
  4. Fish sticks and tartar sauce rock!
  5. I'm thinking of trying out this new kickboxing place if the money is reasonable. I'm up for a good ass-kicking...or getting my ass kicked. It's all good.
  6. I'm currently reading New Moon by Stephanie Meyer. It's pretty good so far. And I'm reading some of Edgar Allen Poe's short stories...loving them
  7. I need a new freaking computer. This post just took 25 minutes to type cuz my computer is stupid and slow.
  8. Time for a run!


Cammy said...

I haven't had fish sticks in I don't know how many years! Definitely a blast from my past. :)

Jess said...

You definitely need a new computer! Then, you'll be blown away by the lightening fast speed!

Agate Lake Girl said...

I need a new laptop and I'm MN bound in 13 days I think (too lazy to check the actual calendar). I feel ya!