Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hi Guys

Nothing too exciting happening recently and I've been too lazy to blog. So what has been happening? Well, we are dog-sitting our neighbors' pug this week and he's a little hell-raiser! I did find his one weakness-he is terrified of my hula hoop! He actually hid in his cage while I was using it. Poor little guy!

I finished reading Wuthering Heights, The Scarlett Letter and Candy Girl. Now I'm back to Bleak House. This book is like Pillars of the Earth for me. Not exciting enough for me to stay interested but I am determined to finish it. Good times. I did buy three new books so when I flake out on this one (again), I'll hit one of them.

Have watched some movies: My Bloody Valentine, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and Powder Blue. Still have the new Friday the 13th to watch. I love me a scary movie-although most of these are just gruesome, not scary so I'm a little disappointed. ( I grew up watching Silence of the Lambs, what can I say).

I have not been to the gym since my last post but I'm not ready to let go of my membership so I'm going to keep it another month with the stipulation that I use it a couple times a week or it's gone.

Sunday is my "new recipe Sunday" and last Sunday was Mom's lasagna recipe. It turned out pretty dang good. Brian wished I had made a bigger serving of it so I guess that's a good sign. I'm not too sure about this Sunday though, I may be hungover from the 4th of July bash. Will keep you posted.

Well, that about sums things up..and since my computer is being a bitchtart, I am signing out. Peace out kiddies!


Jess said...

If I were you, I'd just shelve Bleak House under a DNF. I used to try and press through on books I didn't enjoy, but then I was like, "Why waste my time?" Can't like everything.

Crystal said...

You've got a good point. I keep trying and it really doesn't interest me at all...and it sure doesn't help that it's so freaking thick! I may have to take your advice on this one.