Tuesday, June 9, 2009


It's only Tuesday but work has been brutal this week! Due to my lovely "promotion, " I have a lot of new responsibilities to go with my old ones. At least before I was comfortable with my workload and could see the end of the tunnel. This week, the tunnel has been covered up with files and there's no way out! I just keep telling myself to take one thing at a time and go from there-too bad this approach really doesn't work in the legal profession. Damn me to hell for being competent!!

Since I feel like a bus just ran over me, I'm going to take a half hour or so to relax and read for awhile, while it rains...again. Then I think I'll head to the pool. I have neglected my swimming for quite some time but I'm feeling the urge to jump back in again. Swimming laps helps me forget about everything but the sound of the water going past me and a good cardio workout will do me good. Time to find those goggles!


Jess said...

Sorry to hear work has you stressed; did you ever get money to go with that "promotion"?

This is a good time of year to return to swimming. So hot for much else outdoors.

Erin said...

I have shut down at work too. Last night I was home early enough to work out (bless the pediatrician appt to get me out early), feed Miller, play with him, and READ for hours before bed. I should have worked but I am over it. I will never catch up and need me time. Hang in there.

Cammy said...

Swimming will be a great sress buster!

So sorry to hear y'all are still having so much rain! It's got to be getting steamy down there.

Sagan said...

You can do it! Where's the fun of work without the challenge, right? ;)


Agate Lake Girl said...

I must have missed your news about your promotion. Guess I'm out of the loop. Congrats! Sorry it has you stressed though.