Monday, July 20, 2009

Just ate McDonalds. I feel so naughty!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Shopper

Today flew by! I was up by 7:30 this morning and got into my workout gear and headed out for a nice 3 mile walk followed by a 1 mile run in this ridiculous humidity. Seriously...I was covered in sweat (yummy!) by the time I got to the 7-Eleven, which is about a quarter-mile away from my house. But that's Florida in July so I just suck it up, do my workout and then whine and complain afterwards. It's a nice cycle.

After that, I got ready and Brian and I headed to Walmart for all our road trip necessities and snacks, dropped all that off and then headed to Sawgrass Mills mall for some shopping. The best and, in my opinion, only time to shop there is right when it opens. Then you have about 2 good hours before the place turns into a crazy madhouse. So, we went searching for a dress for me and some new summer clothes. Found the summer clothes and a couple pairs of shoes but no dress. I did get new running shoes so I was pretty happy about that. They are blue and silver/gray and I can't wait to get out there and try them out! Whenever it stops raining that is.

So, no luck finding a dress at Sawgrass so we headed to Coral Springs mall for some shopping and I was able to find a couple I liked in Macy's. The tough thing is most dresses down here are total summer sun-dress styles. Well, the wedding is in MN and it's been a chilly summer so I wanted something with a little more coverage but I found a cute black dress and I have a couple in my closet I'm going to bring along, too, just in case I'm not feeling the black dress vibe. So, that is taken care of. It was nice to be shopping for smaller sizes that actually fit. I still have a long way to my end goal, but at least I am seeing results along the way.

So, I think I've got everything I need for the trip. Now I just need to get off my lazy butt and start packing. Um...maybe tomorrow...or Tuesday night. Right now I need to figure out what to do about dinner.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cleaning/Errand Day

Today was not the most exciting day but at least I can say I got some stuff done. I got up late at around 8:40 this morning, which is late for me cuz I'm usually the fruit loop who is happy to be up at 6:30 on the weekends so I can take Wilson for a walk and read. No such thing was way too hot today to do much exercise-like activities so I started in on the household chores. I got the laundry done, cleaned the floors, kitchen and straightened up the rest of the house. While I was doing this, Brian took Wilson to Pet Smart for a doggy spa day.

After I finished my chores, Brian and I did a little shopping while we waited for Wilson to be done with his grooming appointment. I got a couple new tops but am going to have to hit the mall tomorrow for some dress shopping. We then picked up a very crazy dog from his spa appointment and headed home whereby an hour long nap and a scrumptious chicken dinner ensued.

So, now I think it's time for some ice cream. Maybe I can talk Brian into a Cold Stone run. I could use some cake batter ice cream right about now.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


After many months of standing on the scale, looking down and seeing the same damn numbers staring back at me, today I finally got my wish. I broke through that dreaded plateau and moved those numbers down! Ha Ha!! Screw you scale, I win today! Victory is mine!!

Okay, enough gloating..but I am pretty happy to see that scale budge a bit, even if it was only a couple pounds, it's a sweet, sweet sight to see. Can I get a yee haw!! I was a good girl last night and went out for my 3 mile run, which had to be one of the top 5 worst runs I've had over the past year. The humidity was brutal (still is) and even my poor little Garmin fogged up. Not right, people. But, I got out there and got the job done, and did about 20 minutes of hula hooping while I watched Law and Order cuz I'm all about the multi-tasking.

Now I'm off to a buddy's house for din-din and probably a drink or two. It is Thirsty Thursday after all...can't disappoint.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No Rest for the Weary

Work was crazy today. Just one of those ridiculously stressful days that flew by yet seemed to take forever. I swear the courts were out to get me today because I had calls right and left setting hearings, cancelling others, JAs requesting motions to appear by phone, defendants' confused (shocker!), etc. Aaahhh!!! I left late due to a last minute hearing cancellation and it was one of those moments where I got in my car and visibly slumped down in the seat from stress release. Only 4 more days of work before vacation so I can tough it out till then.

Since I left late, I wasn't able to make it to kickboxing tonight and, although there is a 7pm class, I'm going to take the night off from that and will hula hoop and run instead. I feel like a nice, long run anyway. I'm still trying to get in a couple days running a week. It's crazy how much harder it is to get the mileage done with the hot temps but it just means I'm sweating that much more, I suppose. Yay!

So, yesterday I said I was going to do a lighter read for my next book but I couldn't find anything I really liked so I'm going to read The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls. I've had this book for a month or so and, since I'm on a memoir kick, I figure I might as well jump into it. So, I'm going to kick up my feet and read for a bit, pay some bills, put the dishes away and then do my workout.

Or watch reruns of Law and Order...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Little Bit of Nightly Torture

Yep, that about sums up my kickboxing classes-a little bit of torture. I walk in there nice and dry, no muscle aches, no heavy breathing, no cares in the world. However, after an hour of punching, kicking, weights, abs (thankfully no push-ups today) and squats, I walk/drag myself out of there hot and sweaty with a desperate need for water and a stiff body.

And I LOVE IT!! The instructor is great and my favorite type-total kick-your-ass drill sergeant material. I have a great time and the hour flies by till, before you know it, time is up and you're gasping for air..and water...and a towel.

So here I am: sore, tight muscles yet ready for class tomorrow. Go figure. Maybe he'll make us do evil lunges..something to look forward to.

P.S. I just finished this really intense book about Eating Disorders called Wasted by Marya Hornbacher. She is an incredible writer and her journey from bulimia to anorexia and back is amazing. You can actually hear the pain in her words. Here's a paragraph:

You can subsist a long time, eating just a little. You can stay alive. That's how we all stay alive as long as we do, because we eat, just a little. Just enough to feign life. You can't stay alive very long when you're not eating at all, or when everything you eat is thrown up.

Sixty-one. ( Her weight)

And then the last shoe dropped. I bought laxatives. I bought laxatives and began eating a box of them every day.....

I was riveted to this one, especially towards the end. So, if you are into autobiographies, here's one to try but it won't be a laugh-out-loud one like some others. This one stings a bit. Now I think I'm ready for a lighter read. Think I'll go see what I got and relax for awhile.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bowling, Work, Etc.

So, um...yeah. My performance at bowling tonight was pretty dang crummy. My average now is a 145 and I managed to bowl a 125, 124 and a stellar 119. It was one of those nights where you can' t find your mark at all, can't throw the ball straight, curved or in the general direction of the pins at all. It's sad and funny to say they could have blinded me for tonight's games and it would have gone better! Oh well, that just means I'll kick butt next week, right?

Now, to switch gears a bit, I've been doing my new job duties for about a month and a half and I can say with total certainty that I am not happy with the new responsibilities. I'm thinking of having a sit-down with the bosses after vacation to discuss my salary-and why there should be more of it-and if it gets flat-out rejected, I think I'm going to start looking elsewhere again. There's nothing worse than spending 8 hours at a job that is stressful and underpaid. Sucky.

As for exercise, I seem to be getting back into my groove-hopefully I can make it last longer than a couple weeks, too. I went running last night for about 2.5 miles. I really wanted to do 3 or more but it was already approaching 10pm so I felt safety should come first. Tomorrow is kickboxing and I'm totally gonna kick some ass!

Now it's time to unwind and get ready for bed. Too many late nights this past weekend. Me tired.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Nice Weekend

It's been another pretty good weekend here. Saturday morning I went to kickboxing class and got my ass beat for an hour, then Megs and I went for a healthy breakfast at Einstein's Bagels. I came home and cleaned/drained the pool and then spent a good 5 hours soaking up the rays on my floaty raft and reading a good book. Brian and I went out to dinner and then we went over to a friend's house to watch the UFC fight. All in all, it was a pretty good day but I was sure tuckered out by the time I got to bed at 2:30.

Today has been pretty low key around here. I watched Revolutionary Road this morning-very good movie and much like the book-and then hopped in the pool for about an hour or so and when I realized I was so tired I was going to drop my book in the pool, I came in for a nice 2 hour nap. So, now I'm up again, Brian's chilling in the pool and I'm finishing the laundry and catching up on things.

Only 10 days till the road trip home so I'm slowly starting to get things together, make my lists and get as much stuff done as I can. The lists are pretty much done, now it's just to make sure what's written down gets completed. We picked up a GPS unit yesterday and now I'm coming up with a list of things for me to do so I don't drive Brian crazy on the drive. Nintendo DS sounds like a good idea. He suggested I study...HA! I'm on vacation!!

I hear the dryer calling my name. Time to get back to my chores so I can enjoy my Sunday evening. Later gators!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July Bash

Yesterday was a great 4th of July. The weather was cooperative, although ridiculously hot and muggy but no rain, at least and there was lots of good food, friends and stuff to blow up.

The good eats...


and the Fireworks!!

Overall, it was a great time and I made sure to eat and drink way to much. Today was a nice relaxing day in the pool followed by a nap, dinner and a movie. Now that's a pretty good weekend.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Short Work Day

While most of you lucky kids got the day off today, I was at work bright and early this morning. The good thing is the courts were closed, everyone was in a pretty good mood, we had pizza delivered, and we got out at 2pm. So, although I had to be there for most of the day, it wasn't so bad. Plus, Brian was able to get all the yard work and errands done since I wasn't home to annoy/distract him.

When I came home, I got my swimsuit on and hopped right into the pool. It's been raining so much lately that the pool, with the sun glistening off the water, was too much to resist. The dogs patrolled the yard and I floated away. Then, we headed to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner (love the salad bar) and grabbed a few movies. We just finished watching Doubt, which I enjoyed a lot. I love Meryl Streep and she did an excellent job in this one. So, now I'm catching up on some things while Brian prepares the macaroni salad for tomorrow's shin dig. Maybe I'll go supervise...there's some mini cupcakes with my name on them.