Monday, July 13, 2009

Bowling, Work, Etc.

So, um...yeah. My performance at bowling tonight was pretty dang crummy. My average now is a 145 and I managed to bowl a 125, 124 and a stellar 119. It was one of those nights where you can' t find your mark at all, can't throw the ball straight, curved or in the general direction of the pins at all. It's sad and funny to say they could have blinded me for tonight's games and it would have gone better! Oh well, that just means I'll kick butt next week, right?

Now, to switch gears a bit, I've been doing my new job duties for about a month and a half and I can say with total certainty that I am not happy with the new responsibilities. I'm thinking of having a sit-down with the bosses after vacation to discuss my salary-and why there should be more of it-and if it gets flat-out rejected, I think I'm going to start looking elsewhere again. There's nothing worse than spending 8 hours at a job that is stressful and underpaid. Sucky.

As for exercise, I seem to be getting back into my groove-hopefully I can make it last longer than a couple weeks, too. I went running last night for about 2.5 miles. I really wanted to do 3 or more but it was already approaching 10pm so I felt safety should come first. Tomorrow is kickboxing and I'm totally gonna kick some ass!

Now it's time to unwind and get ready for bed. Too many late nights this past weekend. Me tired.


Erin said...

Your bowling scores were scores I dreamed of (anything over 100). So, think of it this way, even though you bowled poorly for yourself, you are still better than a lot of other people (aka Erin).

The work plan sounds good. I am actually updating my resume because I have a sneaking suspicion we are reorging again. If I end up reporting to a few people I despise, I will seriously consider a job change. This will be boss number 6 in 3-4 years of this job; which I have remained the only constant in. Normally I would say I'm the problem but I like to think of myself as a trooper. It's totally worth the discussion when you get back with your bosses. The worse they say is no and then you start looking at options.

No exercise here. I am mending a sore hip still. I actually miss not being able to work out. Must mean I was enjoying it more than I thought when I was doing it.

Jess said...

Everyone has off nights of bowling. Clearly, you didn't drink enough beer :)

You should definitely ask for a raise! I think women too often undervalue their worth. No man would put up with that much work and stress and not expect appropriate compensation.

Crystal said...

Thanks for the advise ladies! And after a day like today, I will be thinking of my raise speech when I get back.

As for bowling, I think it was a lack of beer cuz I hardly had any. Note to self: more beer equals better scores.