Sunday, August 9, 2009


As some of you may know, I not only love my to-do lists (which have started to get bigger and bigger again) but I also love me some countdowns. I think countdowns are a good way to focus on a goal and keep yourself in check. Sometimes they work for me and sometimes, not so much. But I am determined and must persevere! So, I have two going on right now.

62 - This one is a running goal for me. Now, I have done a few 5K races and I have been running a nice, steady 3 miles or so for quite some time now. I can blame the heat, humidity, etc. for my stagnant mileage but the bottom line is I've been in my nice, cozy comfort zone for quite some time and now it's time to get moving again. So, along with a few friends, I have signed up to run Disney's Race for the Taste 10K in October this year. I think this is a great way to increase my mileage, it gives me about 2 months to do so and I have some good friends who are running it, too so we should have a blast. Plus the excellent food, wine and potential for rides keeps me in the Disney zone. That means I've only got 62 days to get my ass in gear and go the distance. It can be soon as I find my running shoes.

155 - This one has a little more breathing room and it's mainly a weight-loss/get in shape kind of goal. After telling my parents about our great cruise for Mark/Meg's wedding, my parents got the cruise fever. So, on Jan. 11 of 2010, we are going on a cruise with them to Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay and Nassau for 5 days. Should be a great time and I really want to be in my best shape for this one. I have a cute black dress I would love to wear and, if I'm a good girl and exercise, I should be able to get into it without looking like a sea lion.

So, these are my two countdowns going on right now. Hopefully, they will keep me motivated to get my running in and keep my hands out of the cookie jar, except on rare occasions like parties, holidays, seeing friends/family, weekends....well, there's always hope!


Agate Lake Girl said...

155 - nice countdown!

Sagan said...

Countdowns are so much fun! Exciting about the 10k. That cruise is going to be awesome, too.

Also those are great photos of you and your family.

sunshine said...

Nice! The cruise is going to be amazing and you're going to look HOT! :)