Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Running Spot

Since I usually do my runs before work or after 8pm, I tend to run in my neighborhood. It takes about 4 times around to equal 3.5 miles, which means my scenery can be pretty boring, especially when I run it all the time. So, today I decided to expand my running horizons and took on a new location.

I decided to try out Tephford Park today since I've passed it many times on the way to bowling and it always looks like a nice running spot. It has signs telling you every quarter mile, which is nice if you don't have a Garmin with you, and lots of bench areas and a little play area for kids. The pathway runs in an oval and, if I remember correctly, it is 1.5 miles around, which was perfect for my 3 mile goal. The park was nice and clean and the canal runs right along one side of the trail-I love looking at water while I run.

The only downfall to the run was the time of day. I decided to head over there at August....when it's freaking 90+ degrees with a blanket of humidity. It was so hot out there I felt like I was running on the sun, especially when I was facing it directly. I've never been so excited to see a bottle of water in my life. I think my face is still beet-red from the experience and my whole body feels drained. Yep, sometimes I just never learn my lesson :)

So, although I will definitely head over there for another run in the near future, I think I'll do so either no later than 7am or after 7pm. Being that miserable just ruins the whole running experience...but at least it's done for the day. Now it's time for the pool!


Jess said...

That sounds like a nice spot, but yeah, running under the direct sun, in August, in Florida, sorry, not so smart!

MN Mom said...

How do you run in this heat? I couldn't walk from American Furniture to the V store out side, it's about 2 blocks.

Crystal said...

It's a willpower/insanity combination. I like to challenge myself to do these stupid things just to prove I can. After this one, though, I think I'll stick to mornings or evenings.