Saturday, August 15, 2009

Time to Focus

Except for work, my mind and body have still been running on vacation mode since I got back nearly two weeks ago. It's a bit ridiculous...I know I need to be getting back into my regimen with exercise and eating but I just keep telling myself, "I'll start tomorrow." Okay, well I've been home almost two weeks now so that's about a dozen tomorrows, so I think that's enough now. I think today I will do some running and swimming and maybe a little bit of hula hoop time. I also need to make some meals for next week-it's so much nicer to have some stuff prepared for the week instead of foraging through the fridge every morning.

I have managed to get some stuff off my to-do list this past week so that was a pretty good thing. I've almost got the whole list completed..yeah! This weekend I would like to clean the car and do some house cleaning as well. So, I think I'll make today a busy day so I can really relax tomorrow. It's time to focus and get back into a routine again...although that pool does look inviting....

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Agate Lake Girl said...

Everybody needs a vacation from their vacation so you're right on schedule. :)