Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

It is Tuesday, right? I feel like I've been through an entire week in just two days. How about a brief recap:

  1. We totally kicked ass in bowling last night and swiped 20 out of 22 points to clinch 3rd place. Last night was the last night of bowling and, since I have some other things planned for the upcoming months, I will not be doing the fall league.
  2. I got in a nice 2.5 mile run Sunday evening and did a 25 minute swim Monday morning. I was nice to get my butt back in the pool. I haven't swam in months and sometimes I forget how much I enjoy it. I'm hoping to squeeze in another swim sometime this week.
  3. Ah, work. You keep me amused. Yesterday the bosses fired someone so security has been there yesterday and today (just in case) and now even more work is piled on my plate cuz I am such a rock star. Then this afternoon, the ambulance had to be called due to one of my coworkers was having lots of chest pains associated with gastroenteritis-poor thing! So, it's been an eventful week at work. Then there was the voodoo letter one of our attorneys received. Love it!
  4. Brett Favre changed his mind and decided the Vikings were good enough for him.
  5. I just made tilapia for lunch tomorrow-yummy!
  6. I really need to start studying.
  7. Only 155 days to cruise and 53 days till race day.

On that last note, I think I'm gonna pull out the hula hoop and read for a bit. I can't decide if I want to run tonight or tomorrow morning so I'll decide after my hooping session. I have a feeling I'm going to choose tv over my running shoes tonight.


Erin said...

I just told Ryan it felt like this week should be over and it's only Tuesday! Must be something in the air.

Jess said...

I forget, what race are you running in 53 days?

Crystal said...

The Race for the Taste 10K at Disney. Can't wait for some food, wine and, of course, the race itself!

MN Mom said...

I am empressed with anyone who can run a race for any reason. But someone who runs for food and wine...you are my hero!