Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weather Excuse

So, the weather worked out perfectly for me yesterday, in terms of using it as a good excuse to do nothing. I woke up ready to do lots of house cleaning (okay, some), running and going for a swim, maybe even some time left over to float in the pool. This was when the weather was nice and pretty outside; however, the blue skies changed quickly and we were left with crappy thunderstorms on and off all day due to all these "tropical disturbances" out there in the Atlantic.

So what did I do? Nothing! I shouldn't say that. I did manage to get the laundry done and make a good breakfast and dinner, but the rest of the day was pure sloth. I think I watched about 5 or 6 movies ranging from Disney classics to the movie Monster. There was no running (rain), no pool time beyond my 11 minute attempt (rain) and no swimming ( was raining too hard to drive to the gym?) so my exercise consisted of lifting the remote and getting up to pick new movies.

But, it was great! Although I like to be outside enjoying the fresh air and soaking up some sun on the weekends, a nice rainy day gives me a chance to chill in the house and hide out under the covers. Today is a beautiful day (so far at least) so I think I'll go hula hoop outside for a bit and plan my day. If it stays sunny, there will be pool time!


Jess said...

I agree, sometimes a rainy day is kinda relaxing!

Sagan said...

I like a nice rainy day for sitting indoors in pjs watching movies!

MN Mom said...

Lazy days are the best!