Saturday, September 12, 2009

Glorious Saturday

No, I really didn't do anything special today, which is exactly why it was a glorious day. It's nice not to have anything planned-just a day to do with as you wish. I was up around 7am and headed off to Wal Mart and Target for a little shopping/errand run (had to get the new season of The Office!) and then headed to the bookstore for a couple new reads. As for the bookstore, have you seen the movie, Coraline? I was waiting for the bookstore to open and there was this lady who looked just like the "other mother" when she turns into a spider. No, I'm really not exaggerating that much. She was very, um, interesting to look at. She had the walk of a spider lady and the shape, too. I did manage to stop staring long enough to browse for a couple books and picked up The Green River Killer and One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

The afternoon was spent doing laundry and playing in the pool between threats of thunderstorms. I also got about 50 pages into one of my new books (which is actually quite ridiculous cuz I am already reading The Time Traveler's Wife and Breaking Dawn but, hey, I like to multi-task) and watched about 9 episodes of The Office.

Now it's time to get ready to go to dinner with friends at Tijuana Taxi Company for some yummy margaritas and Mexican food. Hopefully the thunderstorms stay away-all bark and no bite is fine with me.


Jess said...

I loved The Time Travler's Wife! And One Flew Over the Cookoo's (spelled that wrong, I know it) Nest is good too (movie is also awesome). Jerry and I just finished two books you might also like: They are the first two in a trilogy. The first is called The Hunger Games and the second is called Catching Fire. They are young adult novels, but are SO good. And with such easy reading, it'll take you two days to read each. Check 'em out when you finish your current stack.

Crystal said...

Great! I love getting new book suggestions-keeps me from wandering aimelessly through the aisles for hours on end. Once I get through this batch, I'll check them out.