Sunday, September 27, 2009

Natural-Born Runner?

Not this girl!

Some people are born to play piano, some are great at chess and others make great runners. I have accepted that I am none of the above. I went running for the first time in about 20+ days and it was, how shall I put it, not pleasant. For one, it's still hot and humid out-not as bad as a month ago-but still a bit stifling for my taste. I think by September, I am just sick of the heat and humidity and am ready to move on to cooler times. Hopefully I can rejoice a bit in another month or so.

Anyway, I went out for a run this evening and it was a struggle right from the beginning. Since I haven't ran in awhile, my legs and lungs had to acclimate themselves to the whole process again and I only made 2.5 miles before I threw in the towel. It was not a stellar performance. Now, this is not me trying to get all down on myself (Megs...) I'm just stating facts. I know I will never be a natural-born runner and this process will always be a struggle for me. But, I think that's part of why I keep doing it. It's a challenge to get myself to push through 3 miles or more and I always feel proud of my accomplishments when I do achieve a running goal. It just sucks when I revert back to my early running struggles after taking too much time off. Note to Self...20 days is too long to go without running.

At least I am a swimming rock star :)


Erin said...

You getting back out there after 20 days is the important part. Not how much or how fast you ran. 2.5 miles is more than most of us run in a year.

I skipped my exercise stuff while Ryan was gone last week but picked it back up this morning. I don't know how single moms get up and do it all. I would have had to be up by 4:30 to get exercise and a shower in before Miller got up. That my friend, is too darn early for any exercise in my book.

Jess said...

I know what you mean: i don't think I have a body meant for running either (damn, stubby little legs); however, running is something that you can at least get better at no matter how naturally suited youa re to it. It doesn't require a whole lot of coordination or anything, just a lot of dedication.

Nice job getting back to it!