Sunday, September 13, 2009

New Recipe Sunday

So tonight I featured Chops-On-Top Pork and Stuffing Supper. This was a relatively easy dinner to make with only a few ingredients kind of recipe. I cut up some pork chops into 1/2 inch thick slices, coated them with a honey mustard combination and cooked each side for about 7 minutes. While they cooked, I cut up carrots into thin slices and, when the chops were done, I set them aside and put the carrots, Catalina dressing, stuffing mix and water into skillet for about 15 minutes until the carrots cooked a bit. Then apple slices and the chops were placed in the skillet, covered and they sat there for about 5 minutes until the biscuits were ready from the oven.

It was a pretty good meal but I would have nixed the apples and added more veggies instead. Plus, I was supposed to add the stuffing at the end but I didn't read so well (drinking wine while cooking) so the stuffing was a bit mushy for my taste, plus the carrots could have been a bit softer. However, the flavor of the meal was pretty good and I will probably make this one again, but with more veggies and less apples. It's nice to try new things, though.

In other cj news, I am almost finished with One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. This book is pretty entertaining. I like to think I would act the same way in McMurphy's situation-less the glass-breaking moments, that is. I got to enjoy the book for about 3 hours this afternoon while floating in the pool. As for this evening, I think I'll try and finish the book with my Little Black Dress chardonnay and watch some Bears football.

P.S. Vikings RULE!!


Jess said...

A lot of times, trying new recipes means that you have to learn where you'll tweak them in the future. But that does sound liek a good one!

Did the Bears win? I only watched about a half hour of the game before I headed to bed.

Crystal said...

Nope. They lost it at the end. Brian is quite bitter about this and his favorite player is out for the season :(