Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So Tired

It's only Wednesday and I am already exhausted! I have given up on thinking work is going to get easier and have accepted my fate there. Bottom line is there is just too much work and too many attorneys and judicial assistants to argue with for me to keep up. Thank goodness for coffee!

Only 19 days until the 10k and I haven't ran in nearly two weeks. I seem to go in spurts lately-one week I'll get out there 4-5 days and then I stop cold turkey. I hope I can get myself motivated to squeeze in a run tonight or tomorrow before work. Yeah, cuz that 5am alarm has been working wonders for me this week. No wonder I'm so freaking tired. All I want to do is curl up on the couch with my book, read and watch some tv. Maybe that's just what I'll do. Screw productivity! Sometimes a girl just needs to be lazy.

Okay, I'll at least hula hoop for awhile, then I'll relax.


Jess said...

A training schedule usually helps keep you motivated and consistent. Make a little plan for yourself for the reaming few weeks before the race, and I'm sure you'll be well-prepared for it.

MN Mom said...

You need a break. Sounds like you are stressed. I hope you get to have a lazy weekend.

PS Rylee loves her music table. I put cherrios in the little section with a door and she runs back and forth eating those and playing tunes.