Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ah, the weekend is here

I can actually admit that I had a good week at work. I trained a couple people on new job responsibilities, had some meetings, got taken off all my phone lines (woo hoo!) and got through many of those icky files on my desk. It was a good work week. Never thought I'd say that!

The weekend has started off pretty well. I went to the dentist this morning and am now good for the year, stopped by McDonalds for my coffee fix and made a quick trip to Publix for dinner fixins. Now the pot roast dinner is in the slow cooker, the coffee is half gone and I am ready to start the laundry before sitting down with a book for an hour or two. I plan on running 4 miles this evening and might even do some hula hooping. Other than that, no big plans for today. Tomorrow is going to be a shopping day since I desperately need some new work and exercise clothes and I've put it off long enough.

Hope everyone has a great day!


Jess said...

Hope your 4 miler went well! And, have fun shopping today!

Crystal said...

Sadly, the run was only a little over 3 miles-I had no energy yesterday. So, I'm going to try the 4 miles again today. I did have fun shopping though!

Melissa Lars Sofia and Espen said...

Crys - I saw your post on my blog - about Sofia - she's pretty tall, I'm guessing she will overtake you in about a year!