Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

What a great morning it has been so far. I got up around 6:30, fed Wilson, put on my running gear and headed out for a nice 4 mile run. It was nice and cool out there (still humid) and there was hardly anyone else out there. I think I only encountered 8-10 cars on the road my whole way and a few fellow runners and walkers getting in their exercise before the big feast.

For this run, I tried something different. Last night, I put an audiobook on my iPod to try when running. I chose The Reader, cuz I love this book (having read it a dozen times, at least) and I thought it would keep me interested and I it worked. I was engrossed in my book and had no troubles finishing my 4 miles-usually I'm constantly staring at my Garmin, waiting for the next mile to pass-but today, I just kept listening and plowing ahead. Some people have trouble listening to these because of the readers themselves but I'm so focused on the story itself that the reader doesn't bother me. I think I made it through chapter 7-can't wait for the next run to pick my book back up again.

Now it's time to get ready for the big Thanksgiving feast-lots of good food, good friends and good times. Should be a great afternoon and I can guarantee I'll be stuffed! But let's not forget to be thankful for all our blessings today. I am thankful for my wonderful family, my new niece, Brian and friends both here and far away. I am thankful to still be employed in these tough times and for good health. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and have a wonderful day!


Jess said...

Nice job on the run. I don't think I could listen to a book while I run. I need music.

Lesley said...

I don't listen to music but a story might distract me - good idea - I'll give it a go.

Glad to hear you're still at it.

Lesley x