Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Tough 3 Miles

Well, my goal to get up this morning at 5am? Not successful, kiddies. I was up before the alarm but I could already tell I wasn't feeling the whole "get up and be productive" vibe, so I reset the alarm for 6am, grabbed the heating pad for my neck and dozed off for another hour. But, after a very loonnnggg day at work, I came home ready to hit the pavement.

I did a nice 5 minute walk warm-up and then started my garmin. Right away, I could tell this was gonna be a tough run. My legs felt like they were trying to run through quicksand and I know it's because I took some hydrocodone earlier today (since nothing else works for these blasted headaches!) and I was still feeling those sluggish effects from the meds. Nevertheless, I decided to push through the sluggishness and kept going. My end time was just over 35 minutes. As you can see, a pretty slow time, even for me. I checked each mile and, while I normally tend to get faster with each mile, tonight was just the opposite. My last mile was 12:36-craziness! But, even though it was a slow run, I am happy I got out there and ran and now I feel more energized for the rest of the evening.

But I am totally setting that alarm for 5am again tomorrow morning. Maybe a swim will entice me to get my butt out of bed...we shall see.


Jess said...

Even a slow run is a run that gets done! Congrats on pushing through and finishing it up despite the fact that it didn't go well!

MN Mom said...

Crystal-1 alarm-0

Crystal said...

Yeah, better to be slow across the finish line than not at all! Hopefully, tonight's run is a little better.

calialexandra said...

i find it very difficult to wake up before 6am.