Friday, November 13, 2009

Very Productive Day

At work anyway. Since the end of the year is approaching, I've been given a number of "projects" to finish up by the end of the year. Basically, it's all the crap everyone else either screwed up, didn't complete, forgot to do (yeah right) or just got lost somewhere in the black hole. Yippee! Now they are all my problem...all 1251 files. I think I made it through about 100 of them before I started humming non-syllables to myself and had to stop. Then I got to continue with my regularly scheduled work day. The good thing is that my day flew by today; the bad thing is that some of these files are just ridiculous and will require way too much of my time. I think I should get some hazard pay for this.

I know there has not been a lot of exercise blogging going on here but my damn neck issues resurfaced early this week so I took the week off to heal a bit and plan to get back out there tomorrow. I know-see the doctor-yep, that's on my to do list.

Just heard Brian's truck pull up. Time to go to din-din! Happy Friday the 13th everyone!


Jess said...

Sorry to hear that your neck pain returned!

Crystal said...

It's not too bad but to avoid it getting worse I decided to take some time off. Will return tomorrow!