Thursday, December 17, 2009

Another Week Goes By...

Good grief, I can't believe another week has flown by and we are only a week away from the Christmas holidays. So much left to do and so little time to get it all in. So, what's been up this week:

  • No exercise, that's for sure. I bowled Monday night, which was a lot of fun and a nice change to the week, but left no time for exercise, Tuesday I was at the school getting things squared away and yesterday I was too lazy. So, I guess I'll, um, start tomorrow.
  • We have our work Christmas party tomorrow so that means very little work to be done and a whole lot of eating to be done instead. Yippee!!!!!!!! Hope there are some refreshing spirits too!
  • Wilson had another case of the allergies over the weekend and had to be taken in to the vet on Mon. cuz he was breaking out in hives and crying. Poor little guy...he get's such bad allergies in the winter and spring months down here but he's back on his medicine and seems to be back to his old self.
  • We are watching our friends' dog Annie and she is such a good girl! Can't wait for the rain to stop so I can take her for a walk...actually she tends to take me for the walk-that girl can move.
  • I finished the 6th Harry Potter book and just started the last one in the series. Can't wait to see what happens, the last book sure surprised me!
  • I still have to register for the Princess race-only 77 days, 3 hours and 47 minutes to go! (I'm not obsessive, I just checked the website)
  • Oh, and only 25 days till we set sail on the cruise!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!! Maybe I should make sure I have the time off from work.
So, this weekend I think I will finish up my Christmas shopping, get my hair cut, get back into my running routine, clean the house, and do all the other little things that are sure to pop up. Back to Harry Potter!!


Cammy said...

Poor Wilson! I hope he continues to feel better!

Enjoy your holiday break--you earned it!

Jess said...

You'll like the 7th HP. It has a great climax.

Poor Wilson, I didn't he got allergies.

Crystal said...

Yeah, the little bugger gets really itchy twice a year or so and broke out in hives this time. Damn palm trees.

Erin said...

Are you sure you have our spotted dog? Annie and good in one! I feel much better about strapping you with her.