Monday, December 21, 2009

Friggin Sore

So, in anticipation for the new year and all the wonderful goals I will prepare for 2010, I decided to purchase a couple new exercise DVDs at Target on Saturday. I got two of Jillian Michaels' DVDs (cuz I love her) for a mere $10.00 each and decided to try out one of them yesterday.

I chose "Banish Fat Boost Metabolism" dvd first cuz it just sounds bad ass. It consists of a warm up, 40 minutes of circuit training (7 circuits) and a cool down. I breezed through the warm up and the first couple circuits with no qualms at all. In fact, there was a bit of smugness on my part at the easiness of the exercises. I started to think Jillian was being too nice...these were just going to smoothly.  And then the bitch picked turned on me. And kicked my ass. And tried to make me cry. There were mountain climbers (on the ground and standing up), high kicks, kickboxing moves, ab workouts and other exercises she must have bought off of Satan himself. I ended the workout good and sweaty and cursing her existence. Just the way I like a workout to be.

After my workout, I was still on an exercise high so I went out for a walk/run interval session, alternating between walking and running every half mile and ended with some good stretches.

Which leaves me to today. I am sore. Muscles that I forgot I had hurt today and the thought of getting out there for a quick 3 miles seems daunting but I think it must be done, f for no other reason than to loosen up my poor little muscles a bit.

Jillian, you didn't disappoint. Hate you today. See you tomorrow!


Heather said...

I did it on Saturday for the first time (and did trouble spots yesterday), and I can barely walk today! I thought the same thing - oh this isnt that bad, and then by like circuit 4 or 5 I had had enough! but its a great feeling and just think of how wonderful it will feel when we have it down pat. We will be in such awesome shape.

Cammy said...

Maybe I should put this on my Netflix? Will consider (after I verify that you survive) :)

Jess said...

I've never done Michaels, but her Shred series is on ON Demand, so I should test it out.

MN Mom said...

You are one brave gal. Go girl.