Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Step Back Into Childhood

Today I decided to try and finish up my Christmas shopping and, being an avid book reader, I decided to head to the bookstore and see what I could find for my niece, Morgan.

Total time warp people. I spent about 20 minutes in there just reliving my childhood through all the great books I read when I was young. The Ramona Quimby books, Bridge to Terebithia, The Secret Garden, etc. So many memories of hiding under my covers with a flashlight and reading long into the night, praying that I wouldn't get caught being up past my bedtime. It makes me want to reread all those great books The Boxcar Children. Loved it. Just loved it.

So, to start Morgan off, I got her the original series of Winnie the Pooh books. My sister used to love Winnie the Pooh and I thought these would be great books she could read to Morgan. I think I will make it my mission to keep my sweet, little niece stocked up in books...that and Barbies, of course.


Jess said...

I know what you mean about getting lost in there reliving those memories with the books. I can't wait until Norah can read some of my childhood favorites.

But, I was allowed to read as late as I wanted. My mom's rule was that we could stay up as late as we wanted as long as we were in bed, reading.

Agate Lake Girl said...

Bridge to Terabithia was one of my childhood favorites.

I even saved some of my favorite series from upper elementary/ early junior high. I loved Sisters and Sunset High. I read these instead of Sweet Valley High.

I'm sure Rylee will think they are completely lame by the time she's old enough to read them. :)