Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Doctor's Verdict

Today was doctor visit day and I was a bit nervous about what he would find. After moving things around and asking me questions, he states I am bone-on-bone with respect to the joint in my big toe and have even started to develop some arthritis there because of it. He had me walk and stand on tip-toes and also concluded my arches have collapsed, which puts a lot of extra pressure on the big toe area and will cause the shooting pains I've been feeling. So, he gave me a shot of cortisone to reduce the pain and I go back in two weeks for a follow-up appt. Hopefully this works and I can make it through the race cuz otherwise that's a lot of scrilla down the drain.

Yeah right, I'd run anyway just because that's how I roll. But I still hope this works.

He told me to take the night off from running so I'm gonna relax and do some schoolwork. I may hula hoop and take Wilson for a walk too. That's not too strenuous. It's a bit sore from the shot so hopefully it feels better tomorrow and I can get back out there. Good times!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Easy 3

After taking Sunday and Monday off from running, ( I had to recover from the Vikings' loss on Sunday), I headed out tonight for a nice 3 mile run. It was a pretty easy one, too. We had a nice little cold front come through last night and the temp was in the low 60s when I headed out there. I breathe so much easier without all the heat and humidity-this is when I actually enjoy running..when you can breathe easy, your'e not sweating buckets and my Garmin doesn't fog up from the humidity. So, I got that out of the way and now I'm pretending to study for my test while watching tv and enjoying a yummy Landshark beer. Good times.

Tomorrow, my plan goes as follows:


No no people, don't be envious. You too can have this riveting lifestyle. Geez, thank goodness for the beer.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Remember....

  • putting my running shoes on with dread
  • getting excited when I could run a half mile without stopping
  • the crazy shin splints
  • running my first mile without stopping
  • when I signed up for my first 5K and thought it couldn't be done
  • running my first 5K in about 45 minutes and being proud of myself for finishing
  • continuing to run for the enjoyment of it as opposed to having a race to train for
  • signing up for the Race for Taste 10K
  • being absolutely terrified and thinking it was not at all possible
  • building up mileage
  • stretching more
  • running with better posture
  • being at Disney for the 10K...the adreneline rush, the people, fireworks and music
  • finishing the 10K and realizing it's all mind over matter
  • continuing to run
  • signing up for the Princess Half Marathon
  • freaking out about it
  • ....still freaking out about it
  • but confident it can be done
I went out for just a quick two mile run cuz my freaking foot is hurting quite a bit today and I started thinking about that very thought...I'm just going out for a quick 2 mile run. When did that happen? Then I started replaying my entire running experience, which began in 2008. It's been quite a journey and I never would have thought that I would have come to enjoy running so much and actually look forward to it. Hopefully, I can continue to build up my mileage and enjoy even more races down the road. Good times.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An Easy 4

After 12 days of non-running, I was a little apprehensive about getting out there again. Mainly, I figured it would be a bad running session as that seems to be my pattern when I take so much time off. This was so not the case tonight. I think it was a combination of no exercise for over a week and the weather being absolutely perfect that I started and ended my run with a bang. I had originally intended to do only 3 miles, but since they went so smoothly, I kept going for another mile before heading home for the night.

So, that's an easy four miles under my belt for today. If the weather could stay like this every day, I would have no trouble getting my mileage up and would feel more confident about the race. As it is now, there's only 47 days to go and I am so not ready! I hope I can put in some serious miles in the next month so I feel better about this race. Think I'm gonna have to go shopping for my tiara for a dose of good luck!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Back Again

After a lovely 10 days off, 5 of which were spent cruising the Caribbean, I am back and soooo not ready to jump into the reality of my routine again. All I can say to that is, eewwww.

The cruise was freaking awesome people. If you haven't been on one, it is a great way to enjoy a vacation. All you can drink and nowhere to drive. Great bars, entertainment, shore excursions, the works...and having a balcony room is the only way to travel. I will never do an inside room again. Lots of good times. I will give greater details later this week.

Now it's back to the grind. The laundry is done, the dog has been walked and is a happy little mo-fo and I am even ready to get back into my running routine tomorrow, although I'm sure having a week off will have a negative effect on my mileage accrual at least for this week, but totally worth it. So, I think I will get myself ready for bed and the upcoming return to icky old work tomorrow. Yay.

P.S. Way to kick some serious ass against the Cowboys, my beloved Vikings!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to rub that into my boss tomorrow. Wonder if I can get away with wearing my jersey...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Busy Busy

Since the weather was, um...crappy, I decided to be productive in the house instead. I think I got up around 7:30 this morning, had a cup of coffee and caught up on some of my saved Law & Order episodes I'd been putting off. Then I hit the books and got my assignments done for this week, which left me the afternoon to do laundry and some cleaning before my parents arrive tomorrow. I'm not going to do my usual crazy cleaning since they will only be spending about 12 hours total in the house while the rest of the time we will be cruising the Caribbean!!

And, since the crappy weather did not let up all day, I decided to do one of my exercise tapes, which was okay but I was really looking forward to my long run today. I contemplated more than once just sucking it up and getting out there but, with temps in the high 30s and a cold rain, all I need is to get sick before or during the cruise. Not worth the risk. So, hopefully tomorrow will be better weather and I can get out there for a nice, long run.

Now it's time for dinner and more football. Can't decide if I want the Cowboys or Eagles to win. I guess whichever team will lose against the Vikes can win this game :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Little Morgan

Here's my sweet little niece at her little photo shoot she had at 6 months old. She's wearing a little pink tutu and is just cute as a button! My sis told me she started crawling now, too. She's getting to be such a big girl already. Can't wait to see her again!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Stressin Out

This has not been a real pleasant week thus far. My stress levels feel like they are through the roof, which means all I want to do is climb into bed, hide under the covers and watch a good movie. But, that would not solve a damn thing I guess I will just have to deal with it all. I think it a culmination of too much stuff going on. For instance: The sink is full of dishes begging to be washed. I just spent a ridiculous sum of money for 3 books for school. My financial aid is still pending so I'm freaking out that I may end up washing dishes in the cafeteria to cover tuition. My parents arrive this weekend and I need to deep clean the house (even though we will barely be here at all). We leave for the cruise on Monday and I don't know what to pack, what to wear, blah, blah, blah... you get the point.

So, what I think I will do is calm myself down off the ledge and go into the kitchen and wash those dishes. Then call a friend for a little chat and end the evening reading a couple of chapters in one of my lovely school books. Good times.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Goals

I already completed my first goal I had for 2010. Do not start any goal/resolution on Jan 1st. It just sets a girl up for failure, especially after that entire bottle of champagne that was consumed by yours truly and the bedtime of 2am?...3am?... So, needless to say, yesterday was just a nice, relaxing day of watching a Bugs Bunny marathon (yes, I am forever 10 years old), playing Wii games and enjoying Brian's awesome steak/lobster/shrimp scampi dinner, which is a New Year's tradition in his family and one we have continued ourselves.

So, with a full and happy stomach and refreshed and renewed attitude, I am ready to start in on my goals for 2010.

  1. Finish the half marathon race in March. I have no desire to meet a certain time goal. My goal here is merely to finish the race early enough to get my shiny medal. That will make me happy.
  2. Run 2-3 more races this year, whether they be 5Ks or 10Ks
  3. Try a trapeze class
  4. Do the 100 push-up challenge and make it all the way to the end.
  5. Reach my weight loss goal.

  1. Experience more. There is so much out there to enjoy in life and I want to experience it all! So, I want to try and get out there and see/do more this year; whether it be right here in So Flo or wherever my travels take me.
  2. Recycle more. We do a pretty good job so far, but there is always room for improvement.
  3. Excel in my studies and become the school nerd I remember myself to be. Eyes on the prize!
  4. Be there for my niece's 1st birthday in May.
  5. Spend time with family and friends.
Here's hoping for a wonderful and productive 2010!!!