Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Easy 3

After taking Sunday and Monday off from running, ( I had to recover from the Vikings' loss on Sunday), I headed out tonight for a nice 3 mile run. It was a pretty easy one, too. We had a nice little cold front come through last night and the temp was in the low 60s when I headed out there. I breathe so much easier without all the heat and humidity-this is when I actually enjoy running..when you can breathe easy, your'e not sweating buckets and my Garmin doesn't fog up from the humidity. So, I got that out of the way and now I'm pretending to study for my test while watching tv and enjoying a yummy Landshark beer. Good times.

Tomorrow, my plan goes as follows:


No no people, don't be envious. You too can have this riveting lifestyle. Geez, thank goodness for the beer.

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Jess said...

It is always nice when this cool weather blows in for a few days. It certainly make srunning easier and more enjoyable!