Tuesday, January 19, 2010

An Easy 4

After 12 days of non-running, I was a little apprehensive about getting out there again. Mainly, I figured it would be a bad running session as that seems to be my pattern when I take so much time off. This was so not the case tonight. I think it was a combination of no exercise for over a week and the weather being absolutely perfect that I started and ended my run with a bang. I had originally intended to do only 3 miles, but since they went so smoothly, I kept going for another mile before heading home for the night.

So, that's an easy four miles under my belt for today. If the weather could stay like this every day, I would have no trouble getting my mileage up and would feel more confident about the race. As it is now, there's only 47 days to go and I am so not ready! I hope I can put in some serious miles in the next month so I feel better about this race. Think I'm gonna have to go shopping for my tiara for a dose of good luck!


Megger said...

We got this! Have you started reading the book? It's helped me out tremendously!

Cammy said...

With a great "re-entry" like that, you'll make your goal without a problem!

Glad you had a wonderful trip!

Jess said...

Nice job with the 4! And, agreed. It is so much easy to run at this time of year here in FL!

Careful with the mileage building. Only increase by about 10% each week between now and then. Trying to pile on too many miles in too short of a time period is a recipe for injury. You still have 8 weeks to prepare.

But, certainly, your "long" run this weekend should probably begin with an 8 miler.

Sagan said...

Good for you!!

Crystal said...

8 miles this weekend! Jess, is that even possible? I can't even fathom running 8 miles at one time!! How am I going to keep myself from getting bored?!!