Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Nice Rainy Run

Although the weather was kind of icky this evening, there are only 25 running days till race day so I cannot be picky. Also, since a couple of my fellow runners are dealing with a new foot of snow, I should just shut up and not speak one word about some pesky raindrops.

On that note, after having a nice spagetti and reading about pain in my psych book (how ironic), I got my running gear on and went out for a 3 miler. The first two miles were just fine...it was sprinkling a bit but was hardly noticeable. Just after the 2 mile mark, the sky opened up a can of whoop ass on me and it started raining pretty damn good. Although I thought this would dampen my style (ha!), the rain actually felt pretty nice and it kept pushing me to hurry up and finish. I don't care about being wet but I don't want to worry about my stupid iPod crapping out on me so I was holding it close to me like it was some fragile bird I saved from a tree. So, overall I had a nice run and, true to form, the rain pretty much stopped once I got home so I grabbed Wilson and took him for a nice power walk.

Oh yeah, and I lost my headband while running. I looked for it when I walked Wilson but no dice. Thank goodness I have about 50 other ones to choose from.


Erin said...

Good job getting out there. I actually worked out last night too. Now, the first day is over I need to maintain a schedule again. Any tips for staying on track?

Jess said...

I don't mind it if it starts raining on me once I'm out there, but I hate starting when it's already raining.

Nice job getting it done!