Thursday, May 6, 2010


Since I feel so out of the blog loop, how about some miscellaneous crap to entertain you....or at least myself:

Things I'm looking forward to this summer:
  • weekends in the pool
  • beach time!
  • getting back into kickboxing
  • did I mention floating aimlessly in the pool?
  • reading some good books in the pool (do you see a theme forming here?)
Things I'm not looking as forward to:
  • running in the oppressive heat and humidity
  • my third and final statistics class. seriously, this is friggin enough!
  • the ant population reemerging in the house
  • all my favorite shows ending and reruns beginning
  • humidity...humidity....humidity
Although this weather is a bit sticky for May, it's ready to snow in good ole MN so I guess I can't crank and whine too much.  Although sweating while pumping gas is an outrage.

Time for wine!


Jess said...

Your pool is probably warm already with the heat we've been having lately! Ready the floats!

Erin said...

The heat has been brutal but it is better than snow in May.

Agate Lake Girl said...

You need to embrace some of the great shows that have summer seasons!

Cammy said...

I was highly entertained reading your list. :)

Sagan said...

Gah statistics... better you than me ;) Hurray for it being the last one!

Mmmmm pools.