Tuesday, May 18, 2010

School Rules the Roost

Yes, I admit I've been a bad blogger this year. And I am going to blame the majority of it on school. Classes have been keeping me quite busy and this semester I think I've bitten off more than I can chew with a 300 level course and two 400 level courses so the work load is tremendous.  Blech. I will be happy to be done with this session, that's for sure! The great surprise was finding out I will not be able to finish at the end of the summer as anticipated since one of my core classes is not offered till Fall II session. Lovely. So, looks like I get to go to school till the end of the year, but at least I can space out next sesssion's classes and reduce it to two-forensic psychology here I come!!

Other than that, work has been brutal as usual and the pool is finally warm enough to float in. Hopefully I can do some of that this weekend. As for running, I haven't laced up my shoes in weeks. I hope I get back into some type of exercise routine once school settles down a bit. Alright, work is calling so I guess it's time to be productive. Happy Tuesday everyone!


Jess said...

Juggling full time work and school has got to be a lot to handle! Running (and blogging) will be there for you when you get back to it.

What degree are you seeking?

Cammy said...

I hope you're able to squeeze in some pool time soon! Your schedule sounds very hectic, and you deserve some downtime!

Crystal said...

Thanks Cammy! I am hoping for a little pool time this weekend. Maybe I can float with one of my school books? Then again, judging by how many regular books I've dropped in the pool, that may not be the best idea.

Jess- I am finishing up my psych degree. I had a minor already from good ole BSU and am finishing it up to increase my GPA so I have a better chance of grad or law school, although I may be sick of school by that time.