Thursday, June 17, 2010

Running Boycott

I have been boycotting running lately.  Actually, I did go out for a nice 3 mile run last was so friggin humid that I was thrilled when it started to rain a little. Then it started to rain a bit harder. Then it said, screw you, and the downpour came down.  I just kept on running and actually ran by the house cuz I refused to give up till I got my 3 miles in-Brian was just about to come look for we when he saw my soaking self come hydroplaning around the corner.  Funny enough, I much preferred running in a torrential thunderstorm than the humid hot box I was formerly running in.

So, until this stupid weather cools down..or I sign up for a race and feel and running are going to be distant buddies.  My Scandinavian self just can't handle it!!

Maybe it will cool down one of these days..or I'll just need to take up water polo for the summer months.  Sounds kinda fun!


Erin said...

I support a summer hiatus. I don't know how people run in this weather. I can barely walk much less do physical activity without wanting to explode and pass out.

Lori said...

Running and humidity are terrible! I will only do early morning runs in the heat - or at the gym in AC.

Crystal said...

What sucks is that I really do want to run but just can't get motivated to do it. I think if I sign up for a race, it will force me to get out there. Or I'll just wait till the last minute to train and panic profusely the week before the race cuz I didn't run the whole summer....guess which one took place last year?