Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's Up

 Let's see:

  • it's friggin hot out
  • I have lots of homework to do and I don't wanna!
  • Wine sounds good right about now
  • or a frosty beer
  • beer and homework go quite well together.  At least the first three, then things start getting fuzzy
  • kinda like exercise. beer works well for a good 3-miler but only 2-3 beers. after that, it goes downhill
  • it's still hot out
  • crap! i forgot to let Wilson back in the house!
  • okay, I'm back. He's a little pissed but I'll give him a treat and we'll be buds again
  • i'm hungry
  • not sure who's gonna get an ass-kicking: the mailman or the garbage men for throwing the garbage cans across the driveway. had to move them before i could even pull in today.
  • can you tell i'm trying hard to put off my stats homework?
  • know why? cuz stats totally sucks
  • yep...i think i'm gonna go with wine this evening when i meet my buddy for dinner.
  • alright, time to do my!!
  • and yes, it's still friggin hot outside.


Erin said...

LOL! I have very similiar conversations with myself. Wine does make for good homework, grading, or even business requirement reviews. Trust me, I know. :)

Can't wait to see you. It's been AGES!

Anonymous said...

Great post!! Hope tomorrow is better and that you got your homework done!!

Jess said...

Yeah, it's gonna be hot from now until...November? Daily beer is almost required.

Crystal said...

Got some of the homework done before I went out for dinner and some scrumptious wine. I was a good girl tonight and finished my assignments so I can relax a little bit tomorrow.

Looking forward to seeing you in a couple days!!