Thursday, July 29, 2010

Out with the old, In with the new

I think it's time over a major overhaul.  Encompassing every aspect of my life.  There's just a whole lot of crap that I think I can ditch and what better time to start than right now?!!

Anyone else ever feel like this?  Like you just need to clean house inside and out and simplify things again?  Sometimes I think this pertains to friendships, too.  Sometimes you outgrow certain people in your life or just can't find positive reasons to remain friends with some people.  I foresee some of that happening too.

Well, to start my "summer cleaning" I think I'll have a beer. Beer makes it all better!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Back to the Gym

My gym membership and I are like a bad relationship.  We have gotten together and broken up 3 times now and hopefully this is the last one!  I really wasn't looking to rejoin the gym, but they kept offering me sweet deals until I could no longer refuse!  Their timing was perfect, too, since it's summer and hot as hell out there...that and I have been missing my lap swimming.  Not to mention a wedding coming up and I have been stress eating like a crazy person...can't be a chunky bridesmaid!!

So, I am officially heading back to the gym.  Hopefully I can get into a nice routine of cardio, swimming and maybe a class here and there. I am looking forward to it!!

Friday, July 16, 2010

At Capacity

So I decided to go on Disney's website and see if the Wine & Dine half marathon had it 90% yet. Well, it not only hit 90% but it at full capacity for both the half and the relay. So, I guess Disney made my decision for wine and dine race for me!

I am a wee bit disappointed that I didn't sign up in time since a night Disney of all places....would have been awesome, but there are plenty of other races to enter and most of them are far less expensive. I think I am going to do the Key Biscayne 10K in November and maybe the Fort Lauderdale half later this year/next year..whenever it is.

That doesn't mean I have put Disney out of my racing mind quite yet.  There is the Disney half in January or, if I'm really ambitious (I'm not), the full marathon.  The full is at 50% and the half is already at 70%.  Let's see if I can beat the clock for one of these!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Decision Time

I have been stalking the Disney race website for the past couple of months, going back and forth on whether or not I should sign up for the Disney Wine and Dine half marathon in October.  I really do want to do this race but there are some down sides too.

The pros and cons:

  • it's a Disney race and will totally rock
  • the start time is 10pm - nothing like a night race through the parks to shake things up
  • it's during the food and wine festival...need I say more?
  • i would get a shiny medal
  • it's the following weekend after we come back from MN. that's a lot of travelling
  • sometimes it's still friggin hot in Oct-last year it was up near 100 degrees at that time
Okay, so my pros outweigh the cons. Right now the race is at 86% full capacity. Maybe I will wait till it's at a solid 95% and make my decision. What to do, what to do.....

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sweaty Mess

After having a great, relaxing weekend spent mostly floating on my raft in the pool, I decided to head out for a little run this evening.  My original plan was to do 3 miles but, after seeing the skies light up with some flashy electricity, I decided to cut it a mile short and head home.


Who am I kidding?! It's friggin hot as hell out there..even at 9pm. Running in Florida summers can be described as putting on a full cotton track suit and cotton hat and then locking oneself in a wet sauna and running in place for a half hour or so.  Sound fun?  Cuz it's not.

The sucky thing is all the races in south florida are, of course, if the late fall/winter months.  Great! But to be fully prepared for this runs, I have to get my lazy butt out there and run in the outdoor sauna during the summer months.  Blech.

Alright, enough whining, I am going to take my sweaty self for a quick dip in the pool and then unwind for the evening. Maybe even do some more homework. I am loving this forensics class....for once I look forward to my homework!

Peace out homies!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

75 Days

I've got 75 days to look great in this bridesmaid dress.

That means it's time to step it up a notch (or two) and start my "must look hot in bridesmaid dress" exercise/nutrition plan today! Please note that I have been saying I'm going to start this plan since the 90 day mark but there have been just too many good foods for me to try so I had to wait till after the 4th...and give myself an extra week just for leftovers....but now I am ready for action! 

Here's hoping I make it through Day 1 with no slips!