Friday, July 16, 2010

At Capacity

So I decided to go on Disney's website and see if the Wine & Dine half marathon had it 90% yet. Well, it not only hit 90% but it at full capacity for both the half and the relay. So, I guess Disney made my decision for wine and dine race for me!

I am a wee bit disappointed that I didn't sign up in time since a night Disney of all places....would have been awesome, but there are plenty of other races to enter and most of them are far less expensive. I think I am going to do the Key Biscayne 10K in November and maybe the Fort Lauderdale half later this year/next year..whenever it is.

That doesn't mean I have put Disney out of my racing mind quite yet.  There is the Disney half in January or, if I'm really ambitious (I'm not), the full marathon.  The full is at 50% and the half is already at 70%.  Let's see if I can beat the clock for one of these!!


Jess said...

The Disney half in January will definitely fill fast. If you want to do a fall night Disney race, has the Tower of Terror 13K filled yet? I've always thought that would be a fun one.

The Key Biscayne 10K is a good one. I did it last year and it was fun, and might run it again this year. But one warning: It's a solid hour to drive there in the morning.

Crystal said...

I couldn't find the Tower of Terror 13K on their site anywhere. I wonder if I missed or if they're not doing it this year?

An hour drive to Key Biscayne is a bit discouraging...although I did drive about that far for my first 5k race, if I recall.

Jess said...

It's not a terrible drive to Key Biscayne, but if I remember correctly, the race starts at like 7 something and they close the roads, etc into the state park about 30 minutes before the race, so you just have to be there early. But, if you do decide to do it, I'd probably run it again, so we could carpool if you'd like.

And I checked up on it, and you're right: Tower of Terror no longer exists. I guess last year was the last year for it. Disney pulled both that and the Race for the Taste 10K in favor of the Wine and Dine HM. Too bad.

Sagan said...

GOOD LUCK! That's good that you've got a few different possibilities already thought of.

Michael said...

Last year's Tower of Terror 13K was the last ever of its kind. It's a shame, because it was a fun run and good distance for all abilities.

As for this year's Wine and Dine Half, there's an email address on the run's website. It never hurts to contact them and see if there are any openings.