Thursday, July 29, 2010

Out with the old, In with the new

I think it's time over a major overhaul.  Encompassing every aspect of my life.  There's just a whole lot of crap that I think I can ditch and what better time to start than right now?!!

Anyone else ever feel like this?  Like you just need to clean house inside and out and simplify things again?  Sometimes I think this pertains to friendships, too.  Sometimes you outgrow certain people in your life or just can't find positive reasons to remain friends with some people.  I foresee some of that happening too.

Well, to start my "summer cleaning" I think I'll have a beer. Beer makes it all better!!


Erin said...

You and I are totally in parallel worlds. I am in the same state.

Sagan said...

Yes. Oh man yes. I have too much to do and I just want to say SCREW IT and start over.

...instead, I guess I'll just tackle some of the things that have piled up. Sighs!

Jess said...

A fresh start on things is always refreshing. But sometimes it's easier to be successful with just one or two changes at a time. Big, sweeping change is hard to manage all at once.

Whatever your approach, good luck!

Crystal said...

Go Big or Go Home...that's my motto in all this, so I can say I am more of a change it all kind of girl than one or two at a time.

For instance, the fact that I went skydiving on only my second time in an airplane.