Monday, October 18, 2010

No more chunky

Let Buff Bride Bootcamp Begin!!!


Bridezilla Gets Fit!!!!

Either way, today is Day 1 and my goal in this process is to put down the cupcakes and pick up some weights. I have been looking at a lot of wedding dresses and I can say with certainty that chunky bride is not how I want to look, especially since pictures add, what, 20 pounds....30 pounds.....

So, today I have been eating like a good girl and this evening I am going to go for a 3 mile run.  It is absolutely gorgeous outside and I am actually forward to a nice run since the humidity isn't so crazy this week. I may even add some crunches/sit ups or some hula hooping.

Alright, I'm off to finish making dinner and the rest of this evening's plans.  Have a great evening everyone!!


Jess said...

The weather really has been gorgeous lately. Especially in the morning and evening.

Good luck with your new endeavor!

Crystal said...

Totally didn't run yesterday but I did hula hoop! that's something, right??