Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Good Start

I've been a good girl and went out for a run both Monday and Tuesday evenings.  Monday was a nice 3 miler and yesterday was just a little 2 miler but it was still a good run since I pushed myself to run a little harder last night to make up for that extra mile, that and Brian and I took Wilson for a walk after I got back so I made up for some distance. With Wilson, it is never a slow walk around the neighborhood, he is constantly pulling you in some direction!

I am planning on doing some hula hooping and I should do some cardio but I can't decide on what.  I've decided I want an exercise bike for the house.  I used to have one years ago but the poor thing finally broke down one day and now I have none :(  So, after a few years off, I think I may start searching for a used one...or have Brian do it during his spare time.  I never feel guilty watching tv if I'm biking while I'm doing it!

Other than that, it's been a busy week at work with coworkers out so I am taking care of all their fun responsibilities.  It's not too bad cuz the work days fly by...which is great because Brian and I are heading up to Orlando on Friday for a nice, long weekend and I can't wait to leave!  It's been several months since we had a nice break (Labor Day, if I recall) and I am so ready for it.  Bring on Mickey and Goofy!

Time to hula and maybe even enjoy a frosty beverage....or two

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Jess said...

Enjoy Orlando this weekend! Hopefully it warms up for you guys!