Saturday, January 22, 2011


After four very trying years, I have finally been promoted! Yippee! Now I am paralegal extraordinaire! Well, that's my personal title for my new status.  Basically, I've moved up a notch in the legal department and I am happy about that.  I am still searching for new and exciting opportunities at other locations, but being appreciated for my hard work at my current job is always a nice way to start out the year.  I know eventually I want to leave my current location and move on to a different area of law but until the right opportunity comes along that is worth the effort, I guess I will keep plugging away.

Brian and I have gotten back into the wedding plans and met with our caterer today.  She sent us home with some sample foods to try which is great cuz that means no cooking for me tonight! Next comes the dress search...both mine and the bridesmaids. Hopefully I can find the one I want...I already have an idea of what style I would like, now it's just to see if my style matches reality.  Two of my bridesmaids will be with to shout out opinions so this should be fun! I hope ;-)

The ankle is still on the mend and, thanks to my impatience, is now a wee bit swollen again.  I have no patience at all for injuries or illnesses.  I see both as weaknesses and just want them to go away as quickly as possible.  So, fighting a head cold from hell and an injury at the same time is really annoying to me.  Yesterday my ankle felt better so I was doing some mock jogging in the house to see how the pressure would feel and some ABC movements and now it's swollen again.  Good job!  I guess that's a no on the running department.  Hopefully I can get back to some type of activity soon.  That about sums up life here right now.  Hope all is well with everyone!


Jess said...

Congrats on the promotion!

Erin said...

Congratulations! That's excellent news and well deserved.

Have a blast shopping for the dresses. It's so much fun. Can't wait to hear details.

Agate Lake Girl said...