Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Starting Over...Yet Again

Last night I finally put on the running clothes, laced up the sneakers and went out for a nice run.  Having not run for about three months, I had no goals at all except to actually go from a walking pace to a running pace.  I wasn't even sure I could handle a mile as it's been so long since I ran consistently cuz, although I ran once or twice in September, I haven't ran consistently since....the half marathon? Wow.

So, I did manage, after much bargaining with myself, to start running after about a quarter mile of warmup and it went pretty well.  I managed 2.5 miles before I went back to a walk and headed home.  Although this is not very far, I am happy that I not only got my butt off the couch and ran, but also ran further than a mile.  At least I am better off than when I first started running and could barely master a half mile!  I am going to try and make running a regular item for the week and see if I can't get in at least 2-3 runs a week, along with some other activities to get back into shape.

On that note, I think I'll take Wilson for a nice walk. He could use his exercise too :)

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