Thursday, February 17, 2011


I want to run a marathon. It's on my bucket list and I think if I start in the next couple months, a full marathon could be attainable.  After all, I could only run 6 miles and had no trouble with the half marathon last year. The only decision is which race to do?  I am currently eyeing up two of them:

Vegas Rock n Roll marathon on Dec 4, 2011

Disney marathon January 2012

The good thing about Vegas is, um, that it's Vegas and it would be a good way to end the year.  However, this one will be more costly with flights, hotel, etc.  Disney is always a good choice and I enjoy these races, it's close by so no flying although will still need hotel, and it would be a great start to the new year.  They are about a month apart so it's just to decide which one sounds more feasible.  I have a feeling it will be Disney...but maybe flights to Vegas will be super cheap! I guess I'll just have to see.

Second decision is school.  I really would like to get back into school this fall or next January at the latest but I just can't decide quite yet.  I pretty much know what I want to do, make that two choices that veer off in totally different directions, but it's whether I want to add stress before the wedding or not.  Deadlines are beginning to loom so I need to decide relatively soon on this path. 


I need to pick bridesmaid dresses! So many styles and choices to choose from!  We will commence shopping once more next week at a different boutique and see what happens.  Heck, maybe I'll find my rehearsal dress too.

On the fitness front, I have been totally slacking.  Last night I spent the majority of my evening cleaning the house as we leave for the Keys tomorrow for some fun and booze with my maid of honor and hubby.  As for the other days this week, I just didn't feel like it.  My plan is to get back into the swing of things next week.  As for tonight, it's pizza night!!


Jess said...

Having run a marathon, I would not advise planning a wedding AND training for a marathon. You can kinda fake your way through an HM, but for the full, you HAVE to put in the training. And having two bigs things like that simultaneously would be tough.

My two cents would be to consider a fall 2012 marathon -- start your training after you are married and can be more settled and have more time.

Michelle said...

I'm confident you could do a marathon but like the above person said, you gotta put in the training and the miles. I only trained for 10 weeks for my first marathon and that was a major mistake. I need a good 16wk plan I think.

By the way, have you entered my Nathan Sports Giveaway for a new hydration belt? It ends tomorrow!

Crystal said...

Personally, I think I could handle planning a wedding, going back to school and running a marathon but that's mainly cuz I am the bomb-diggity and can do anything!

Yes, I know it would be stressful, but that's what life is all about! Part of it is wanting to get through some items on my list since school and life kept me from accomplishing more last year.

I haven't made any final decisions but it's a thought. I also want to do the Wine and Dine half this year too. That one is totally doable but I just don't love the price tag. We shall see!

Jess said...

I'm sure you CAN do it all; I'm just advising to not try and do it all at once. Marathon training basically takes up your entire life since everything you eat,drink, how/when you sleep, etc are factors in the training, and your entire life comes to revolve around the weekend's long run -- which during your peek weeks will take you about 4 hours every weekend, not including prep and recovery.

By all means, I would never discourage you from training for a full mary. I'm just saying that doing so while pursuing some other big life plans (planning a wedding) would be a strain, so being pateint and waiting a few months and pursing a marathon at a slightly later timeframe might make the experience more enjoyable and more rewarding.