Monday, March 14, 2011


My motivation has been found! Yippee!  No, it was not under the cushions, either.  Motivation can be funny sometimes.  It disappears for hours or days on end with no warning and then reappears when you least expect it...or just when you need it to arrive again.  Today, I was thinking about the countdown to the wedding. Now, I usually think about my countdown in terms of days (235 to go!), but today I broke it down into weeks.  When I did that, my big number vanished and a wee little 33.5 weeks appeared in its place.  Yikes! That just seems like such a short amount of time, especially with how quickly the weeks seem to speed by nowadays....and that's exactly when my good old motivation reappeared.

The wedding countdown is just one tracker that I have; however, there are several things that I want to accomplish this year that I need to start working on once again. The mud run is just around the corner on May 1st and with my ankle injury, I have been unable to do much running.  Then there's my test that I'm taking in June that I need to start studying for as well.  Not to mention getting myself into shape again and trying a few different classes that I've been eyeing up recently.  I also am checking out a possible career change and need to continue my research on that. There's plenty to keep me busy and I bet that is the reason my motivation ran away scared.  Sometimes the more that's on my plate, the less I want to do any of it.

The key is just going to be taking it one day at a time and seeing how much I can accomplish with each day.  Some days will be better than others...and some days are going to be couch days. That's okay too, as long as the majority of the week is fruitful!

Time to hit the bike!


Michelle said...

One day at a time.... that is a great approach to everything :)

Jess said...

That's great that you found your mojo! Good luck pursuing all your goals this year -- seems like it will be a momentous year!