Thursday, March 17, 2011

I ♥ Reality TV/Memoirs

Okay, I must start out by admitting that when all these damn reality tv shows began coming out, all I ever had to say was, "What the hell?  Another friggin reality show? Can't anyone come up with a good sitcom nowadays?"  So, it kind of pains me to say that I have fallen victim to the reality tv train that's been heading through town these last several years.

My favorites would be The Real Housewives of: New Jersey, New York, Orange County and Bethany Frankel's show. Also, I watch Teen Mom 2 (so embarrassed right now), Heavy, Ruby, and Celebrity Apprentice.  Not to mention all the reality car shows I watch with Brian.  It's completely ridiculous how many of these shows I make sure to tape on a weekly basis (hint: all of them) and I look forward to their weekly shenanigans every week.  For someone who complains about all this crap tv, I sure do watch a lot of it!

The funny thing is sometimes I want to be on one of these shows...not the crap listed above but something more my style, like Survivor or Amazing Race.  I really wanted to do Amazing Race with my buddy Desi but we never got around to it and at this point in our lives, I doubt we would. I always thought Wipe Out would be fun, too, but you have to live in California for that one (yep, I checked).  So, I guess I will continue to watch my never-ending supply of crap tv until I find something better to occupy my time.  If it's any consolation on my part, I am usually on my bike or hooping when I'm watching these programs.

My other love lately has been for memoirs.  I think I've read every "fat/weight loss" book out there and they can't write them fast enough for me.  Also, I've enjoyed Ambulance Girl and The Happiness Project.  I find it enjoyable to read about how other people have been living their lives and can always find some inspirational moments that make me all teary-eyed...unlike reality shows which show you how to be cunning and deceiving...necessary qualities as well, I'm sure.  So, I guess I will continue to pursue both these topics in my life until I no longer find them useful or entertaining.  Cuz they are just that: both useful and entertaining....


Jess said...

I don't know much about reality TV since the only reality show I watch is Top Chef, but I do know tons of memoirs! If you want any suggestions, I have lots I could offer -- I went through a phase for several years where I only read nonfiction and I wrote my master's thesis on memoir craft, so yeah, I know lots of good ones.

I've heard great things about "The Happiness Project" and it's on my "to read" list but I haven't gotten to it yet. I'm currently reading "Blood, Bones, and Butter" by Gabrielle Hamilton -- see, I have a weakness for chef memoirs ;)

Crystal said...

What a great thesis idea...that had to be interesting to both research and write about. I will definitely have to take you up on the memoirs. They are so interesting to read and it would be great to hear some of the ones you've found and enjoyed.

Agate Lake Girl said...

I haven't read many memoirs, but I always love them when I do.